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Stacking Mementos?

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  • Stacking Mementos?

    So, various mementos give +1 to +3 to activation of manifestations if they match your threshold or the key you are using. Do these all stack? If I have a charm, fetter, and keystone that all have the Stigmata key, and I'm using stigmata rage (for example), do I get +6? I feel like i should only get the highest available bonus, but I can't seem to find anything that says that.

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    A memento must be actively wielded to be used or, in the case of large mementos, at least touched. Contact with the memento establishes the necessary conduit through which a Sin-Eater can benefit from the use of the object. Any single action can only benefit from the use of a single memento. A character can’t attempt to stack bonuses from multiple mementos.
    Page 193, "General Rules."

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      THANK YOU! I don't know why my eyes were glossing over that!