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Question about Dominions without a Kerberos

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  • Question about Dominions without a Kerberos

    I hope I'm not embarrassing myself by missing something obvious in the Geist: The Sin-Eaters or Book of the Dead. I've tried to comb through them, but I've never played Geist. The question is really for a Vamp campaign that has an Underworld focus right now.

    What happens to a Dead Dominion if the resident Kerberos is killed?

    I can imagine several different possibilities, but I'd like to hear if there's an official explanation. If a new Kerberos will show up to enforce the Old Laws, or perhaps if it's impossible to completely kill a Kerberos and it simply heals over time. Page 251 doesn't actually state that Kerberoi are killed if losing all Corpus, though I suspect they are.

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    Killing a Kerberos causes it to reform in its Dead Dominion, extrapolating from the description on p251 of one that levies a punishment based around its prior defeats.

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