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  • Let's make a deal.

    With Geist 2E confirmed I'm surprised no has started new threads yet.
    That is until now. So yolks lets here about some Geist you have thought of over the years, or some you hope to use yourself once 2E is out.

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    I have been using one in my current game that I took the basic idea from 'The Babadook'. More and More of it's humanity is forgotten the more the story evolves. I'll post more information this evening after work.

    "Kinda I want to" - Trent Reznor


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      The Lost Cosmonaut appears as a dated astronaut with nothing but starry void inside his suit, and reflects the great cosmic indifference of death. He's most likely to appear to someone who died of suffocation or drowning somewhere far from home, or in some sort of extraordinary lonely circumstance (like being lost in space on a hushed-up Soviet rocket flight), and is rather mild-mannered, if somewhat melancholy.

      The Ghul is an old and avaricious geist, rising from the sands of the Underworld to devour corpses and hoard grave goods. It appears as a starving, dark-skinned man with the head of a houn or hyena, it's muzzle and hands caked in fly-buzzing gore, and delights in pushing a possible Bound into further depths of greed and gluttony. This one I actually did play, as the geist of a Marine who had died in an IED attack and was less than pleased to have a dark Middle Eastern monster living inside his head.

      Call me Regina or Lex.

      Female pronouns for me, please.


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        A while back I created a character whose Geist refused to identify itself and so was called by the name of Ozymandias. It was called this because in order to appear to its Sin-Eater it appeared (only to him) to possess a thing in the real world (usually something of the earth, like a rock, a pillar, a statue or a building) and, to the sin-eater's sight, caused that thing to dissolve away into dust, leaving only a vaguely humanoid shape, like a rock in the desert worn away by sandstorms. It would then say what it wanted to (without ever moving) and then, when the sin-eater blinked or looked away and then back, whatever it had 'possessed' would be back to normal. The character's starting Keys were Grave-Dirt and the fanmade Memorial key.


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          The Highway Star stands tall in a leather jacket and jeans with deep black stains of grease. Its body is made from mangled car parts, reassembled into a lanky humanoid form. Clusters of exhaust pipes peek out across its back, lazily venting smoke when it rests and belching flame when it takes action. Its mouth is a nicked but shiny metal grille, and it speaks in the voice of a 50s or 60s era radio, patchwork sentences cobbled together from the voices of musicians and broadcasters. When not talking, it often plays classic rock music. The Highway Star is strongly identified with the Forgotten threshold, and holds the Industrial and Pyre-Flame keys. It appears only to one kind of person- those who died in car wrecks caused by risky driving. It favors those who died in illegal street races, for that was how it originally died. It loves speed, daring, and machinery above all. Its keystone is a gleaming 1950 Ford Mercury.
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            The War Torch burns and hates. In particular it holds a particular hate for vampires due to vague recollections of its human life. That's why it made such a good match for the vampire hunter, John Granger when he lay crushed within the collapsed wreckage of a Belial's Brood lair. It's form looks like a battered suit of armor cobbled together from different eras--tattered flak jacket, rusted knight's greaves, a tarnished Spartan helmet, etc--filled fire in a vague humanoid shape. The War Torch doesn't speak to John, not in actual words anyway. It conveys understanding: thoughts, feelings, and images arise in John's mind which he knows aren't his own. I take that back, actually. Sometimes, when John and the War Torch both have a particularly burning hatred toward the same individual, John hears words in his mind that are partly the voice of the War Torch and partly his own:

            "burnthemburnthemburnthemburnthemBURNTHEMBURNTHEMB URNTHEMBURNTHEM!!!!"


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              The Junkie is the Giest of death by Drug addiction, its body is that of a sickly drug addict, except its arms and legs and been replaced by thousands of large heroine needles and crack pipes that run along the length of its body. Its eyes have sunked so far into its head, that the eye sockets are nothing, but black soul devouring pits, with smoke seeming put, making the room smell of crack.

              Its to tongue is covered in blisters and burn scars, and it took with a raspy, genderless voice. Its drools alcholoh and shits nicotine, even rubbing its ass across the carpet like dog when its really annoyed.

              The Junkie when not in a Sin Eater, prefers to communicate by the Hallicination Numina, it hates being seen by people, and sometimes trading sex with Hallucinations (or the sensation of it) in exchange drugs.

              The Junkie usually choses people who die of an overdose. Much to its annoyance, The Junkie's Sin Eaters always go clean after their deaths, something about making a deal with The Junkie, more then dying, scares them straight.

              The Little Death, Death by sex, is a blow up doll made from torn condons. Under the layers of transparent condoms, there appears to be pulsating flesh. Various gentials of all types appear across its humaniod, blow up doll shaped body.

              When The Little Death Manifests, it does so in human form, for sex, in the form desired by its partner/s.

              The Little Death only choses people die from sex, some chokes to death on a condom, unwitting star of a snuff film, heart attack from having an orgasm with a bad heart, Viagra overdose.

              The Little Death is more charming then most Geists, even seductive, but ancient.

              The Garbage Man, Geist of the Discarded dead. The Garbage weres the local Garbage Man uniform, but his head looks like assorted, ever shifting trash has been fused to his flesh, to the point where you can't see skin anymore. He's unlike the other two, because the Garbage Man is always male, where as the other two are genderless in the case of The Junkie, or shift freely between sexes and genders like The Little Death.

              The Garbage Man always picks a Sin Eater whose body was murdered body was discarded as trash by their killers, and its Sin Eaters are always buff, working class men.

              The Garbage Man has been around since the early middle ages, and its believed he original a ghost of a murdered corpse collector, who has evolved with the times.
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                A few that I've used in more than one One-Shot:

                The Ragged Innocent
                Brandon’s Geist is a young middel eastern boy, no older than 11. His top half is completely shredded, jagged shards of shrapnel jutting out at all angles, and his head is covered with a cloth sack that is eternally glistening with blood. He whispers to Brandon of their new work, to man the Gateway. Its keystone memento is a shard of metal that Brandon wears on a chain round his neck in place of his dogtags.
                The Burnt Offering
                Mike’s Geist is a constantly shifting, burned thing. Sometimes it looks like the charred corpse of that woman he had to leave behind, other times, the child who died of smoke inhalation in his arms. It whispers with a voice like sizzling flesh, or shouts like a roaring flame. Its keystone memento is a charred, baby’s shoe.

                The Broken Clown
                Zoe’s Geist is a tall, painfully thin whiteface clown, with barbed wire wrapped tightly around his mouth, like a gag. He bleeds from hundreds of cuts, and communicates with painful giggles and moans. Its keystone memento is a novelty set of teeth that sometimes snap of their own accord.
                The Shattered Blind
                Emily’s geist is a skinless woman with knives for fingers and wires for hair. She never stops screaming. Her keystone is an AA pokerchip on a keychain, spattered with blood.


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                  The Geist:
                  Virtue: Prudence
                  Knowledge can be power, but it is less than nothing if it is not useful. The pursuit must have purpose, or else endless learning becomes as noble as endlessly rolling a boulder up a hill.
                  Vice: Gluttony
                  And yet, who is to say the information you turn from is not valuable? A single word can alter the entire balance. Their records, their whispered conversation, their telling ticks - give it all.

                  It was known as Corvis before the phenomenon of Edgar Allen Poe, and it is known, particularly amongst avid necromancers.

                  It is not an imposing figure as some geists are, but rather a companion of scholars. All of its known Bound have invariably been inclined toward necromantic tendencies, many of them becoming charonites. Whether it has an agenda or is merely driven to gather information is uncertain; only its Bound are privy to the wealth of knowledge it's gathered over the centuries, and all have so far proved willing to guard whatever grand secrets it may have entrusted to them.

                  It stands hunched inside a thick cloak of shadows and only ever appears where a shadow may fold around it. Should it be seen clearly past the darkness, its head is revealed as the hollow skull of an unusually large crow, bones yellowed with age, the eye sockets seeming to sink into blackness, and its hands are likewise a set of bone talons. It is most often still and silent, watching those around it while its head occasionally tilts and jerks with the abrupt motions of a bird. When it does open its stiff beak in a slow series of snaps and clicks, wafting a scent of stale herbs, only its Bound can understand the voiceless messages.

                  Nevermore is one of those geists that are unusually specific: it is a geist of deaths caused by willful negligence. The boy whose mother ignores the signs of bullying he comes home with, until one day the kids at school take it too far. The woman whose husband keeps procrastinating on picking up her prescription for her, until he comes back from work to find her slumped over her wheelchair. Nevermore seeks to right these wrongs.

                  Its urges are, compared to those of many others, abnormally easy for its Bound to handle. It is not like the geist who would gladly see any pileup on the freeway, or the one who simply likes to make things burn. No, it will not be satisfied by death unless its victims eat crow in their final moments. A gang leader, who left the room so he wouldn't have to watch his boys shoot up his brother and rival, discovers he's been framed for betrayal when those same boys put their guns to his head. The man whose wife died gets in an accident, and the doctors want to give him something he's allergic to, but he can't speak or move to let them know. These deaths are the sweetest to it. Though, in a pinch, it can be satisfied simply to hear its Bound whisper the offenders' dark secrets back to them before taking them down.

                  The problem is that these rather specific situations are difficult to come by, and Nevermore still has urges. How does it release the tension when no target is to be found? It learns. Knowledge is power; knowledge can be the key to making its prey realize their deaths were earned. Knowledge can be the key to saving its victims' own hapless victims. It once discovered it could study endlessly, left to its own devices, and it knows it needs a living partner to bring focus to its drives.

                  It seems to hold a certain fondness for its current Bound. In tense circumstances, it will fold its shadows around her like a cloak and rest its head on her shoulder, clicking its beak as though whispering counsel in her ear.

                  Keystone Memento
                  Threshold: Silent
                  Keys: Stillness, Grave-Dirt
                  Skill: Empathy
                  Appearance: It looks like a simple, faded wooden cane with a metal knob and tip. When the tip is pressed against someone's body, the person holding the knob can feel the other person's heartbeat through it.
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