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    So, this thread is for people's ideas for settings or scenarios with which to begin a Chronicle. I'll start off with a historical one:

    1) Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori, they said. It is sweet and honorable to die for your country.
    They lied. You should know. You did die for your country.
    And then you came back, and you weren’t alone. Strange angels, wraiths with machine guns for faces, the ghosts of comrades, apparitions of mingled chlorine gas and gunsmoke bore you from the grasping hold of death. They lived through you and you through them and their power saw you through the Great War. You lived, where so many did not return.
    But now, returned to the green hills of your homeland, the dead have followed you back. Even as the survivors of the war tramped down country roads to family homes, ghosts walked in lockstep, returning to their homes and grieving kin.
    The dead do not return in happiness or relief, though. Their lives were stolen from them and many have little left to them but bitterness and resentment for those who sent them off to die in the trenches.
    And you, who died and yet returned from death, are the most resented of all.

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    2) Little Dead Children
    Thrown down a spiral staircase of a mansion by a crazed aunt,
    freezing to death while running away due to feeling like a failure for getting a 'B' in geometry,
    or thirsting to death after hearing your kidnappers ripped to shreds from the back of the panel van they parked in the woods,
    death can come even to the innocent youth in world of darkness.

    These children that died and came back again pretend they didn't die or hide from those they knew, all the while being manipulated and tempted by the inhuman entity within them that keeps them alive, even as they try to figure out the fog filled secret duality of the town where they met what would have been their doom. Played by combining Geist: Sin-Eaters with Innocents and Silent Hill Fan Supplement.
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