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    I can save your character a ton of work and tell you this: Stake the bloody hemophage and use battery-powered full spectrum sunlamps to cook the fanghead whilst he twitches from from having the mother of all splinters embedded in his chest.


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      What's up with the recent wave of necroed threads?
      As for your post specifically, staking is difficult (requiring a heavily penalised attack roll and tons of successes to deal enough damage) and the lamp thing simply doesn't work.

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        Not sure on necroed threads in other sections, but we're going through a drought here on 2e news so I don't mind it.

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          Dust explosions. They can be setup relatively easily using things like sugar or flour. They are also well documented and very used in the movie industry, so you can easily research how to control the potential damage. Add a remote or timed spark to avoid being in the same room as the target and you are good to go.
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            I've always been a fan of "poisoning" the food supply. Hemotoxins or circulatory diseases, holy symbols handed out as party favors, holy water in the Songkran super soakers, a renewal or expansion of Devil's Night, the identification of a "new pandemic" whose symptoms are eerily similar to the old "myths" of vampirism along with news reports on how to identify a carrier of the disease...