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Videogames that are like Vigil?

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  • Videogames that are like Vigil?

    I recently found Hellhunter on Kickstarter and I thought, "Hey, that's neat. Why aren't there more games like this out there?"

    There's something very compelling about the idea of being an ordinary person, armed with nothing more than knowledge, simple tools, and a little bit of narrative protection, and tasked with challenging something supernatural. Most games in the survival horror genre either give you superpowers of your own (any dark fantasy RPG), ridiculously powerful weaponry (F.E.A.R, Dead Space), or just force you to run for your life whenever the signature monster of the game you're in appears (Amnesia, Outlast, Slender, etc.).

    So now I put it to you - if you were to recommend a videogame that gave something more like the Hunter experience, what would you suggest?

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    I like to play XCOM as if it were some kind of TFV op, especially with the Long War mod installed. Granted, I agree with your point about powers and abilities, but if you can stand some mediocrity maybe XCOM: The Bureau could be more your speed in terms of what you're talking about?


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      I actually have a couple that may be up your alley

      Call of Cthulhu: The Dark Corners of the Earth It starts off as a plain survival horror game, but once you get weapons, you can start biting back. You're never the most durable and there are always enemies that you need to be careful with, but it gives a good feeling of being a cell-tier hunter.

      The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series This is my TFV game (maybe the Ukranian equivalent of TFV). You get some stuff that could pretty easily pass for endowments but mostly you are using normal weapons to fight bandits and supernatural monsters. Also, things like the Emissions/Blowouts and the Monolith very much feel like the kinds of high tier threats a conspiracy level hunter would be expected to fight.

      Exalted is an aesthetic.


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        Since it's popular to name Batman as as many splats as possible, I like having the Arkham Batman as a high-powered Hunter. Lots of Fighting Style Merits, high Stealth and Intimidation, and probably a custom Style Merit based around Takedowns and Predator Mode.

        Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.


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          The big one I'd mention is the Witcher (1-3), ancient order of Hunters who drink potions to give themselves powers, etc, etc. Sans the fantasy setting, it's a good format for maybe a dark eras game.


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            Spec Ops: The Line, I know this will sound really strange; but your character's slow collapse into madness and darkness reminds me a lot of WoD

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