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  • Lycos Agema [Vigilant Times- To The Strongest]

    The Company of Wolves

    [a golden wolf's head impaled by a shining spear]

    Sparta, the city of warriors, the self styled defenders of ancient Greece. Many stories were told about their self discipline, heroism and cruelty. Even in modern times, the image of the old Spartan warrior still spark the imagination, cladded with armor and wielding a weapon to slay their enemies. Some may even think of them as the greatest warriors which ever walked the earth- people birthed to battle, lived to battle and died in battle. While those descriptions may be exaggerated, it can't be denied that Sparta was a militaristic state, and that physical and mental excellence were seen as the prime goals for each spartan citizen. Sparta's lifestyle may have been harsh- but it did earned its renown fair and square.

    It is no wonder that the land of warriors has also birthed some of the greatest hunters.

    The Lycos Agema, the company of wolves, took its members among the most extraordinary participators of the Crypteia. Those who served their country by taking the lives of helots- especially the strongest among them- gained fame and were seen as potential leaders of their nation. However, sometimes, when the autumn came and the war against the helots was declared, some of the Kryptes found an enemy stronger than they could have expected- perhaps it was a blood drinking child of Lamia, or perhaps a reality twisting magician, or seemingly beautiful yet disturbing being in the image of Galatea... or perhaps a werewolf. Those who managed to defeat their enemies- simply surviving was not enough- would have been approached by the hidden organization. They gave them an opportunity to be more than simple soldiers, giving them targets more worthy than simple mortal men. By joining them, the young spartan would be able to show his true worth- defending the land of Hellas from the greatest enemies, and perfecting themselves beyond the abilities of any mortal men by forging their body and soul in fight against the monsters.

    While all monsters were considered as enemies, even then there was a certain hierarchy- just as the serf class helots were not the merchants of the perioikoi and neither were true spartan citizens, there was similar divide in the status of monsters. Vampires, ghosts and similar reanimated beings were at the bottom of the list, foul monsters which polluted the world around them- and as such the warriors who slayed them. The masters of occult powers, those who talk with the dead and the great monsters of legend in human form are were all more worthy warriors- yet they were still too "human", and while they held great power over the world they were not true warriors among the beasts. No, the head of the list belonged to no other than the children of Lycaon and other shapeshifting beings- creatures who were half beast and half man, things with a touch of the divine in their flesh and the rage of the titans in their soul. Those monsters could heal fatal wounds in moments, rip their enemies apart in bare hands and invoke shaded beings from the worlds beyond the world. Yes, there was no enemy greater than them- and by defeating them, the Lycos Agema showed that they were truly the greatest among warriors, not to mention to greatest among hunters.

    While the Agema were a powerful organization during the days of old Greece, they were not the only one- other groups of hunters walked the ancient lands, and the Agema had to show their superiority over them, forcing small cells to either work directly beneath the organization and deal with missions which were not worthy enough for the greatest among warriors, or simply obliterating those who didn't recognized their superiority. However, not all enemies were weak enough to kneel before the proud wolf-hunters- Athene has maintained its own Vigil, after all, holding a Shield and Spear against both the monsters and the hunters who would try to force them into submission. The relationships between the two organizations has waxed and waned through the ages, when at times of crises both of them worked together in order to protect Hellas from hidden threats while in others they clashed one against the other, fighting over the monsters and the relics they left behind. At the peak of the Agema's powers- during the Spartan Hegemony- the Aegis Kai Doru were forced into the deepest shadows of the world while the Company of Wolves maintained the Vigil of Greece as whole. Yet, after the end of the rule of Thirty Tyrants, the Agema's hold over the Vigil was broke- and when Alexander swept through the land they became isolated and distant. The Shield and Spear, on the other hand, embraced the change- expanding through the great empire while finding new relics and gaining glory for themselves by fighting new monsters in the Asian lands. The once proud Agema was left to rot in their armors, like rusted swords who were no longer needed by their owners.

    Still, the Agema didn't died out quickly- they maintained their old practices as much as they could, and they kept training themselves while fighting monsters. However, they couldn't deny the fact that they were declining- and when Rome became a new power in the world, the Hidden Ones who the once proud conspiracy accepted that if they wished to survive, they had to do the one thing they hated the most. They had to give up.

    Some hunters weren't willing to accept defeat- they left the Agema and died a meaningless death while fighting a meaningless battle. Those who accepted, however, offered their services to the Aegis Kai Doru- who while didn't trusted their age old enemies, couldn't deny their skills and talents at fighting shapshifters and similar monsters. As such, the Agema were absorbed into the greater organization, serving as some sort semi-independent compact which was specialized at offensive relics and spirit battle. Almost all of their members has served as part of the Sword, and many believe it was because of their influence that the Sword became the militant group it is today, and that it was their presence the made the Aegis Kai Doru's hatred to werebeasts as equal as the one they had to witches. However, while the Aegis has spread through the world, the Agema stayed close to their ancestral home, maintaining their age old identity separated from the rest of the conspiracy.

    While they were not trusted at first, their ages old loyalty has made the Inner Circle accept them as true members of the group- and this is why no one in the conspiracy was prepared to the day when suddenly, out of the blue, the Agema vanished- cutting all ties with the larger organization, taking with them many passionate recruits.. and a great number of very important relics. Apparently, the Agema never forgot the fact that gaining the mercy of lesser hunters was an insult, and the hatred in their situation has only grew as the years passed. The original traditions of the Agema were passed from one hunter to another, and the Hidden Ones has maintained their control over the compact unknowingly to the rest of the conspiracy- and each time a new Hidden One took her place at the leadership, she took an oath that one day, they would regain their former glory and take their place as the greatest among hunters.

    Is that day truly came? The current Hidden Ones seem to think so- but could one truly force the wheels of time backward? Is it truly possible for them to rebuilt what was destroyed so long ago? Or perhaps the Agema were truly nothing but another relic in the Aegis Kai Doru's closet, as many among the conspiracy thought?

    It is time to find out.

    0- you have been initiated by the old tests of the Crypteia and showed you are able to fight the monsters and survive. You get a free specialty at Weaponry, Firearms or Brawl to your choosing.
    000- you have fought against the wolves and took their pelts to your own, showing you are better warrior than them. Choose a single Renown. You may treat your Status as that Renown in terms of Honorary Rank and may spend a Willpower point to gain that Renown's Condition.
    00000- you are considered as a future Hidden One who would lead the Agema to a brighter future.. or would fight until his last breath while attempting to do so. You develop a sixth sense to your enemies, and gain Unseen Senses (Shapeshifters) for free.

    Endowment- Virtue Binding (0-00000, special)
    The greatest weapon one may have is her own body and soul. By tuning them into battle, you could defeat even the most terrible enemies and force the gods to bow before you. Each Virtue Binding is a separate, 1-5 merit, which is based around a certain Virtue or Renown and an Attribute. On the other hand, each such Endowment is also connected to a single Relic, which is gained for free once the first dot in the Endowment is bought (its rating has to be equal or lesser to the hunter's Status: [Lycos Agema] at the time). The Relic may be activated normally, unless it is meant to be used in a way which resonate with the hunter's Vice or which is a potential Breaking Point (seeing the supernatural or something similar is excluded). In case it resonates with the Endowment's Virtue/Renown, he may expand a Willpower point to gain additional dots in the chosen Attribute for the rest of the Scene. You may only be effected by one such Virtue Binding at the same time. In case the Endowment's Virtue/Renown is her own Virtue or the Renown chosen at 3 dot Status, she also gains a +2 modifier to all rolls connected to the Attribute.

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    Been a while since I've seen a new Hunter write-up from you xD Can we expect more on this thread?

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      yeah, I did had a lot of pressure in RL, so I didn't had much time to invest in a regular conspiracy writeup. I do plan to add a bit more about the Agema's backstory, origin myth and structure, however.

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        So they work to modern nights, or are they defunct? Cause write-up is somehow not clear on that.

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          Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
          So they work to modern nights, or are they defunct? Cause write-up is somehow not clear on that.
          they were never defunct- they were absorbed by the AKD during the early Roman Empire, but they still operated on a semi independent structure until the modern nights, in which they finally broke up with their patron organization in an attempt to reestablish their group without the help of their ancient "frenemies". Doing so should be one of the goals of the PCs, in case they play them, or stop them from doing so, in case they take the side of the AKD. You could, of course, skip that part and decide to keep using them as a sub-faction of the AKD.

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            The Hero and the Wolf

            This story is true.

            We are the children of Heracles, the son of Zeus, slayer of monsters and beasts. As his blood, we carry his legacy in our life and death- we fought the monsters of legend for years and years with nothing but our virtue and honor, living in the exile of our ancestor. We had to show that we were worthy to the gods' forgiveness through trails of battle and blood. Countless children of Echidna has fallen before our blades, and even the shadows of Tartaus escaped from the light of our excellence.

            ​We kept the flame burning, and the gods rewarded us. The oracles read the signs in fallen leaves and the flight of birds, in the whispers of fire and the blood of our enemies. They said that the gods has forgiven the acts of our blood, and that we may return to out homeland and reclaim what was ours by right- but there was one last test for us to pass, one last enemy to defeat- a king among beasts and men, a monster which devoured its own children. The enemy would be fierce- but should we triumph it, we would gain his place as a king and would gain the power of a thousand years and glory for all eternity.

            And so, we return to our lands- together with the rest of the Dorians, hidden among our people like shadows. The Hidden Ones, that was our name. We fought, lived and died beside our people- but when they went so sleep, we took our blades and scouted the night in search for the promised enemy. We protected them from many great terrors- we fought Lamia's spawn and shattered Hephaestus's flawed designs, yet none was the promised enemy, none was great enough to proof our worthy. Our search led us on, and when some of our people settled down we moved to the south- until that fateful night we stepped to Arcadia of the Peloponnese.

            The moon was full during that night, and no cloud stained the sky. Our people were alone, tired and worn from our countless battles. Suddenly, howl filled the night- and beings black as the shadows of Hades swept around us, their eyes shine like embers. Half of us were killed before they could life their blade, and half of the half were devoured by the beasts in less then a minute of fighting. But those who were left has fought with the might of dozen men each- for we had the blood of heroes and gods in our veins. We held our ancestral weapons and slayed the beasts, and each time one of them died they took the shape of men.

            Suddenly, one of us stepped forward and called "We know who you are, children of Lycaon, and you know who are we! Lesser beings like you shall not test our worthy! I call your cursed father to stand and fight- unless you fear the might of Heracles's children!"

            The wolves howled with laughter, mad smiles cover their wild faces- when suddenly another howl filled the night, silencing all others. The pack has split into two, and a shadow greater than all others has passed between them. No wolf dared to look the beast in the eyes, burying their faces in the ground- but we did not bowed before it. It fur was stained with silver, trapped stars shined as its eyes. It walked on two, like the man it once was, and its breath filled the night with the scent of carcass and rotten flesh. He wore nothing on his body but one thing- on his head, there was a crown made of branches, bones and gold. Lycaon answered the challenge.

            "I have came, children of the heroes" it said "For no one shall call me a coward and live. The blood of the heroes flows in the veins too, and the curse of the gods engulf me just the same. I expected you, for the gods has said that shall I win, I'll get their redemption. I'll make a thrones out of your bones, and found a kingdom on your blood. I'll rise a land of terror, were man are shepherded as sheep to feed me and my kind, and our rule shall last for a thousand years and glory for all eternity- just as they promised you. Those are the gods for you- petty beings, with great power and no vision. We shall fight as the gods desired- and I shall devour you one by one"

            And the one to call the king of wolves stepped forward and called "we shall, Forest King! If the gods wish for a battle and a show, they shall given one! We are all warriors, forged by the glory and fires of battle! If we were to die this night, we shall do so gladly- but this is not the case. You have grown soft, King of Beasts, growing fat on the flesh of children of men who couldn't even lift a blade. We are not children- we are warriors, and we shall skin your pelt and take you crown for our self! We shall become tyrants over men and beasts, and our legacy would chase yours until the last of your blood would be sacrificed to the gods! I hope you enjoy this night, fallen King of Arcadia- for this would be your last"

            And to the sound of those words, Lycaon's smirk left his face.

            "no more words, Let the fight begin" he said, and the wolves stormed upon us.

            We fought through the all night, battling the swarming wolves- a sword against a claw, and spear against a fang. At the end of each hour, one of us has fallen to the beasts- but ten of our enemies died with him. And in the heart of the battle, were Lycaon and our warrior, the hero and the wolf. They fought with no break, without wavering, without a moment of rest. When Lycaon's might grew, so did the power of his wolves- and we were devoured by the beasts of the night. But as our hero drove the beast-king to the corner, our blood boiled, and our weapons replaced the howls with screams of pain and fear.

            Only when with the coming of the dawn, the battle was decided. As Apollo drove his chariot beyond the horizon, golden fire has enveloped Lycaon, blinding our hero with shining light. "Your doom has came!" he called "The gods on my side, and you are my prey!" and with those words he stormed forward to the sound of his children's howls. So excited he was to end the battle, that he got blinded by his own light- and forgot that we were the children of the shadows, the Hidden Ones- and that shadows grow stronger in the light of the sun. Calling upon his virtues and renown, the shadows cloaked out hero, feinting his movement and tricking the wolf king. With a blade made of shadows and light, he pierces the chest of Lycaon and ripped his heart. The beast king screamed with pain, and the beast and fire were gone- only a old, naked man, with a crown on his head, bleeding on the ground.

            ​The fallen king has begged for mercy- and our hero answered to his call, cutting his head at once and giving him the death of a warrior. To this sight, the pack has scattered, howling with fear and calling our name- the Lycos Agema, those who killed the wolves. On this day, our legacy was founded, and since this day, we became the protectors of Hellas, hunting the children of Lycaon and chasing them to the edge of the earth as we promised before the gods. We are the people of the shadows, and the children of the first hero- who took the name Akakios, for he knew no evil- still serve as the Hidden Ones, the shadows among the shadows cast by the light. And among them, the Wolf King still leads our forces- a direct child of Akakios, who wear the crown of Lycaon on his head and his skin on his shoulders.

            We are the Hidden Ones, the Lycos Agema, the kings of men and beasts- and there is no warrior greater then us on the face of earth.

            Aegis Kai Doru- "we owe them, for the mercy they showed by accepting us to their ranks. We owe them, for hundred years of blood taken from us by their hands. The one does not cancel the other"
            Cheiron Group- "Cheiron was the teacher of our forefather, but he was a beast by himself. While they may help us with their medicine and knowledge, beasts need to be slayed"
            Talbot Group- "You can't save those cursed by the gods and their blood. Only they can save themselves- and that has to be through trials of blood and battle. They are not human, and they never were, and they shouldn't be treated as such"
            Null Mysteriis- "This is a world of gods and curses, fate and blood. If instead of accepting those truths you just keep denying them in the name of "scientific rationalism", you will die"
            Tartaruchi- "demons of older times and messengers of the gods. They are there to remind us to not stray from out path in search for excellence- and that the gods would punish us when we do"
            Pythian Oracles- "For long time we wished to leave the Shield and Spear, but we had to make sure the time was right. Lately, the Hidden Ones has spent much of their time in Delphi, seeking some form of "consultant". A week after that, we got the command. I don't dare to question to words of the gods, of course- but how can we be sure that it is truly the gods that speak through those murderers?"

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