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  • Mixed gameline conspiracy?

    I'm going to be running a mixed chronicle focused on a sort of 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' group in the modern era. The premise is a secret society, the League of Solomon, which dates itself back to legends of Solomon's Seal. According to their legends, the servants who aided Solomon in capturing or defeating various 'demons' * were actually different types of ENEs who banded together with the Hunter known as Solomon to defeat the 'greater evil' of these beings.

    *Actually extra-planar beings of various sorts, from ghosts to spirits to True Fae to Abyssal horrors.

    In order to give any Hunter in the group both a bit of power boost to help in running alongside supernatural beings, & the story a more cohesive feel, I'd like to make a custom conspiracy for the chronicle - maybe. I like some of the abilities of a few of the official conspiracies - Aegis Kai Doru, Malleus Mallificarum, & the demon-power one - so another alternative is to have this group recruit from those exclusively & let the player choose from them.

    If I go the custom conspiracy route, though - how do I work the mechanics of a conspiracy that includes non-Hunters? The supernatural members would, technically, be a part of the organization, but would not have the conspiracy abilities open to them (because, hello, already more powerful than the hunter anyway).

    Specific questions:

    1) Should the Hunter's xp gain formulae that focus on having other hunters present count them as hunters, or not (they wouldn't count as innocent bystanders, for sure)?

    2) Should the supernaturals still have access to Tactics (since the hunter really wouldn't unless they do), or should I just work on making the abilities good enough to offset the loss of Tactics?

    -- 2a) Are Tactics that significant a power boost for Hunters (this is my first time running a chronicle)?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Tactics are very good for taking down a monster, so yes they are a bit of a power boost. Honestly if you're gonna run a Hunter in the game you might wanna think about using the Task Force: Valkryie Advanced Armory endowments; this way, it highlights the Hunter's normality amongst the ENEs.


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      I liked several of the TFV endowments, but I'm not sure about fitting them to something w/ more of an 'ancient relics or rituals' flavor. I do have lots of other ideas about working the tension between 'we're all here to cooperate for the greater good' & 'I know they all want to kill me - just like I do them' amongst all of the group members (provided the chronicle goes for a PvP (or -ish) style; I'm leaving that up to the players).


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        Depending on when the game is set the TFV stuff can be reflavored or just certain items can be used, but if you wanna go with the Ancient Relics and Rituals route then might I suggest the Cainite Heresy?


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          If you're already using the supernatural books you could have the endowment simply give the mortal hunters access to the the splat's various magic items. (fetishes, imbued/enhanced items, artifacts, tokens etc) maybe allowing them to be activated with willpower where necessary.


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            while not exactly an answer to your questions- in case you need some inspiration for that Solomonic conspiracy, you may find this as useful

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