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Supernatural Merits and Risking Willpower

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  • Supernatural Merits and Risking Willpower

    Basically can you risk willpower on a supernatural merit roll like telepathy...

    It's not an endowment, but... well I'm not certain.

    I have a player who loves tk and telepathy and he hates the wp cost of playing a normal dude with them so he is looking for something that will mitigate that... was wondering if this might be it.


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    As long as it is pursuit of the vigil it seems to be covered by RAW. However I feel you do have a good point in brining up that endowments are disqualified. Generally speaking hunters are assumed to only have benedictions for supernatural powers. For instance look at witch finders talking about if a hunter takes the 'gifted' merit.

    In my opinion I could see it go either way so I'd suggest to make use of what will better fit your group. As long as the other players are not apposed you can allow it but remember there is still a restriction. They must be pursing the vigil to risk the willpower and can only do it once a scene. So it won't happen on every use of the power if they use it a lot. Virtue and vice should help mitigate their needs of willpower otherwise.

    If however you want to restrict it let us look at a reason benedictions may be restricted from this usage. Generally you may only spend one willpower in a turn so that may be why benedictions are listed as an invalid use. Yes, you are 'risking' it and not spending it but it is expended by this action, even if you regain it and an additional point. However the weakness of this argument is there is no statement that you can not spend a willpower on a roll you are risking willpower on.