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[Supernatural] Man of Letters as Conspiracy

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  • [Supernatural] Man of Letters as Conspiracy

    So this year, twelfth season of beloved Supernatural TV series is really great. It’s also focused on hunters society and Conspiracies – I mentioned their version of Thule before. Now I want to dwell into main group of the show - Man of Letters.

    On start, they were shown as mainly academic occultist that somehow ‘owned it to world’ – they would be more researchers than proper monster hunters. Think of HtV Loyalists of Thule or Null Mysteriis. But it was American Branch.

    In this season it is uncovered that British Man of Letters are basically running hunters society of United Kingdom in show – and they have real Endowments! Like techno-mystical grenade that stops possession and repelling ephemera! Or vampire blood toxin! It made me think instantly on Hunter Conspiracy, I just don’t remember which one – and no, it was not Task Force Valkyrie. Could you help me found original Conspiracy? Or help write Man of Letters as one?

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    Was it an homebrew Conspiracy? Because if it does, perhaps you are thinking about Kingsraven MI18?

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