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    How close to the "canon" CoD are your various monsters? What with all the supplements, there is a lot of room for interpretation. So do vampires still gather in Covenants? Do the Orders still fight the Seers? Or is it something totally different?

    Just curious what people are doing, since I'm thinking of writing up my own custom, Hunter-inspired setting just for funsies.

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    Mostly sticking to the canon when planning a game - thankfully, my home country has practically zero canon material on it, so I can make up bullshit however I like.

    But I'm mostly interested in amateur webnovels, where copyrights can become issues, so I end up hacking several elements or never fully detail them out.


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      For me it depends what type of game I'm planning to run. In general I try to keep the base assumptions of a creature a player is playing close to canon just for simplicity.


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        I typically operate under the idea that everything ever published by both the publishers and the fans exists, along with several of my own ideas for the setting.


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          Originally posted by Flyboy254 View Post
          I typically operate under the idea that everything ever published by both the publishers and the fans exists, along with several of my own ideas for the setting.
          Man, that's a crowded place you've got there - not complaining, just surprised. How do hunters even survive there, let alone normal humans?


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            Typically a mixture of guile, untraceable firearms, and the fact that the monsters all also fight with each other as well as the hunters. But also the fact that I absolutely hate "There is a hidden world that mortals can't see" kind of shit. If there's a werewolf tearing through the local junkyard and there's a witness, that witness saw something dammit.


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              I'm on Flyboy's camp- everything may take part in my chronicles, it is just that they are all too busy at killing each other. Not to mention that the hunters themselves not always get along with each other. It is a weird, chaotic world- but that's also true about the real world :P

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                Yeah, I figure with even just the main supernatural monsters of each gameline existing all at once, it's hard to imagine a Masquerade existing in its pure form. Governmental hunters like TF:V and VASCU are probably a lot more common in such settings - just the way I like it.

                I'm also musing on throwing in superhuman martial artists from Wuxia to the pot that is my headcanon. Not over-the-top stuff from Exalted, but just enough to have a substantial presence.


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                  Having said all that, I don't operate my settlings with the idea that everyone somehow subconsciously knows that something is up. If the mask is ripped away from someone, odds are they truly had no idea anything was ever up.


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                    I've made a fictional town set in my real life homestate of indiana; Melville, Indiana. it's adapted from my local hometown bedford, and the nearest college city of Bloomington (where IU is located actually) and to pull from the narration I used for my first hunter game it's described as "A big Town of Small business, big enough to be big, but small enough to not be the state capital" I keep the size of the city as vague as I can so I can bullshit any location that's needed for the town to have. Though whenever I run a changeling game in it I may need to make a map to show the boundaries between the two changeling freeholds in it.

                    Among the supernatural entitie, the town is primarily populated by vampires (ran by the carthians but the allow the ordo, and the crone to live because it helps add to diveristy) and then as mentioned two freeholds worth of changelings. There's also werewolves but I need to pour myself over the Foresaken corebook to get a feel for that, most likely the odd cabal of awakened mages chilling out in a bubble of inpentrable magic dick-itude and at least three of The Created claim to have successfully achieved the new dawn here. There's also the usual run of the mill weirdness that comes with the Chronicles of darkness, one of which is a "memory eater" that the players have murdered the absolute hell out of. but I digress.

                    as far as Compacts and Conspiracies I'm taking the canon in the hunter book loosely with little to no mention of any of them, the tone of my game is 1st tier with implication that the Hunter cell is just one of many being employed by a mysterious benefactor.

                    the town has an oWoD equivalent but I won't go into it simply to keep this post short