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Netflix movie Spectral as a Project Valkyrie moment

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  • Netflix movie Spectral as a Project Valkyrie moment

    Involves deadly invisible creatures attacking special forces. Has an almost Aliens like feel. Good fodder?

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    The only thing is (from what I've heard, I haven't seen it) if it was TFV sent in they would have been ready for the movies twist. TFV would have went in there prepared to deal with ghosts. Other than that, I agree with you if nothing else its a good source of inspiration for a TFV chronicle.


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      Yeah visually striking movie, well done in that regard, certainly good imagery for ghosts. The characters were walking, talking clich├ęs.

      They were basically ephemerals, but not. Technically called condensates, which is close.

      Mr.F.I.X. has it right, if you went in looking for a bane you would fairly easily find one. It would be interesting for a source-of-legends or science-minded game, perhaps with Null Mysteriis, which was what happened in the movie, a scientist called in to help Delta Force figure out what was going on. Part of the problem with using them as antagonists isyou would be introducing an invisible, unstoppable threat that seems to be one thing but doesn't have that thing's weaknesses. This can quickly lead to players being overwhelmed. And at a certain point you could be looking at a situation where players are getting beaten until the ST decides to let the right clues fall into their grasp. Though used sparingly I could see it working better, in the movie they were facing an entire army of them by the end, and it seemed like more and more coming.

      magining it on a much smaller scale, with faux 'ghosts' popping up around a town or even a city could be better. You could even have tie Slashers into it, with someone who wouldn't be able to physically do the deed 3D printing a controllable condensate to satisfy their desires.

      You could do it larger scale, I think, it would just be more of a survival horror kind of game.
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