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  • The Otodo from Dark Eras

    First off, this is my first post for Hunter: the Vigil. I love H:tV! I'm picking up Compacts and Conspiracies this weekend, and I can't wait
    for 2nd ed.

    That said, my theory is that although the Otodo think their patriarch is a demon, he is actually an Oni, a unique Ogre kith native to Japan. I was inspired to hypothesize this by the fact that in D&D, the Oni (ogre magi) are actually a subspecies of ogre. My theory is supported by the fact that the Otodo feel a special kinship with the Lost, referring to them as "cousins." What do you think?

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    Presumably, they're just as much related to the demons from Inferno as the main European Lucifuge are, but canon is a joke and do whatever works at your table.

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      I believe we already have a kith called Oni in the kith spoilers. I think their blessing was that they could spot out 'outsiders' in a given group, and conjure minor storms, the former being related to Asian group-oriented culture and the latter more directly related to what Oni are associated with in legends.

      Of course, as atamajakki says, the sole purpose of canon is to provide base materials for you to work with. Maybe the founder of the Otodo line was a legendary changeling of the Ogre seeming. Or maybe the founder was indeed a faerie ogre on the mortal world... but not a mere changeling, but a True Fae.

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