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Most zealous conspiracies?

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  • Most zealous conspiracies?

    Which conspiracies would you say go the most "knight-templar" in their eradication of the supernatural? Are any so devoted to the "protection" of mortals from "monsters" that they are willing to cause massive collateral damage in the process?

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    amm... I think the main problem in this question is that most conspiracies don't actually fight to protect mortals as much for personal gain. Cheiron is a big example, but also the AKD (who fight for their own ancient grudge and search for relics) or the Faithful of Shulpae (who seek for godlike powers). Others actually care for the mortals they fight for (the Lucifuge come to my mind, and so does the Ascending Ones). Some may be willing to make sacrifices in exchange for achieving the "greater good"- but their definition of greater good forbidden things like "massive" collateral damage as it would expose the supernatural (TF:V, for example).

    Still, there are zealot conspiracies out there- the Cainte Heresy are, by far, the most zealous hunters out there- they are said to helped instigating the Inquisition just in order to stop the threat of vampires using their blood to brainwash mortals. If you are looking for someone to put a bomb under a skyscraper just to kill the CEO vampire who sits at its top, they are your guys- although their focus is quit limited (vampires). In case the threat is big enough, the Knights of St George may be willing to preform some massive (sometimes even literal knife and altar) sacrifices to stop the Faceless Angels from awakening, but they in general I believe their culture of lies and misdirection would make such acts as unfavorable. Some of the Les Mysteres may be manipulated by the spirits in order to do whatever they think is right to protect both the flesh and the shadow, but in general each would have her own opinions about what is "right" or "wrong" in the Vigil. While the MM in general may not be that zealot, the Brotherhood of St Athanasius are, so if you want the classic "priests with touches and pitchforks" they are your guys. Some of the Knife of Paradise members of the Ascending Ones are also militant zealots, and the AKD's Sword conspiracy are all zealous by definition- even though their goal is more of achieving their old magic and avenging their fall from grace than protecting humanity.

    All in all, I think that compacts are more zealot than conspiracies, as usually when zeal is the defining trait of a group the chances for their long term survival grows weaker- after all, zealot hunters are not careful hunters, and not careful hunters are usually dead hunters.

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