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Vigilant World! [Brainstorming]

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  • Vigilant World! [Brainstorming]

    It is a dangerous world out there.

    Endless horrors hide in the shadows, countless monsters lurk in the allies. Some walk unseen among mankind. Others hide their hideous form until the prey is close enough. All of them are eager to hunt, to feed, to consume human life to feed inhuman hungers. Left unchecked, and those beings would drown the whole world in endless darkness.

    Countless horrors wait in the night- and ten thousand times more candles burn in order to banish that darkness.

    The hunters of the world are all united for a single cause- to hunt down the things in the dark. Their methods, ideology and reasons, however, vary drastically- from the hunters of the Vatican who hold cross and fire while hunting in the name of god, through the hedonistic daredevils of the Hellfire Club and up to the money making companies who use monsters as simply another resource to exploit, each region of the world has created its own Vigil, its own light bringers who fight the darkness. The Vigil is not a united structure- it is a diverse one, one which changes and varies through regions and mentality. Each country has its own method to fight the darkness, its own ways and tactics to take a stand and spit the monsters in the eyes. Some are remains of the past- ancients structures which survived years after the empires who gave them birth fell down. Others are brand new, creations of the bright future- or perhaps being built upon the ruins of lost past. With the rise of globalization, the different Vigils of the world learned how to interact, how to commune and moderate. Allies were made, enemies were formed- wars and peace were managed behind the scenes, as the hunters fight among themselves about the principle values of what the Vigil is. Now days, the Vigil is more united than ever- yet the differences still last, scars of violent past and cultural differences old as time itself.

    What kind of Vigils has been established? What does history gave birth to through the passing ages?

    Let's find out.


    so, in honor for the upcoming 2E Hunter, I've decided to make up a thread dedicated to share how you view the Vigil through different countries- but as how the existing groups may operate in them, what kind of new groups may exist among them and how the local Vigil may operate in general. Considering that the new edition seems to take a different approach for world building (that is, no detailed example settings, which kinda makes me sad as I really likes those) I've thought that such a thread may be appropriate.


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    Dammit, now I wish I'd paid attention to all those history classes and geography classes!

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