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Firth time gm needing advice

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  • Firth time gm needing advice

    First time Storyteller. I am running a cell level anti-vampire chronicle. My players have been great at getting emotionally invested in the game (the characters each witnessed a loved one get attacked by a vampire. And the players all based them on irl loved ones). I want to switch the theme of the chronicle from righteous anger to how deep does the rabbit hole go. The idea I need help with is havingoing one player come home and seeing a man outside his house looking in. Then he later sees the man oupside the house as he comes home and hopefully goes to confrent him and... the man looks almost exactly like him with a few deformities ( based on the players style I am thinking pale skin and very big eyes) the outside man is a changeling with the player being a fetch. I am not sure how to get the character that knowledge though. I was thinking having an Npc ally turn out to be a changeling who get attached to the character and trying to protect him from his changeling self but this doesn't seem in theme with how changeling works

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    I realise this isn't changeling game so that games themes don't need to be followed here but I am a big fan of ctl


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      Any knowledgable 'other' would work to reveal to the man what he is. A changeling protecting a fetch does seem unlikely to me.

      A Beast or a Mage would seem to be good alternatives.