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    I think in the context of Hunter they mean the Astral Realms as a whole, since the Primordial Dream (the Nightmare) is a facet of it.


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      I'm surprised The Lucifuge didn't get a new Castigation to deal with Beasts considering the rare enmity they have for them.


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        Originally posted by Krycanelo View Post
        I'm surprised The Lucifuge didn't get a new Castigation to deal with Beasts considering the rare enmity they have for them.
        Yeah. It was the one thing I didn't like about Tooth and Nail. Aside from the new guys, the Aegis Kai Doru, and the Ascending Ones, none of the other conspiracies got new Endowments tailored to handling the Begotten. It's why I ended up brewing up a new Benediction here.

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          Thought up of this for the Lucifuge


          Iron City Of Dis
          The city of Dis found in the literature of Dante Alighieri, supposedly guarded by fallen angels, the furies and medusa and represents the very antithesis of the heavenly city. Some members of the Lucifuge find that they hold a special place the Iron city and call call upon it to some degree to combat monsters with the ability to warp the terrain around them and seemingly transport one to another world. This castigation works by imposing the architecture of the Iron city on the extra dimensional environments such as the twilight or a beast's lair, being able to override the features and present the hunter with a home field advantage or at least nullify the monster's. To activate this power the hunter spends a point of willpower, takes 1 lethal damage from the blood sacrifice and rolls resolve+occult, contested by resolve+power stat if it's an imposed reality such as a beast's lair.
          Dramatic Failure: not only does the iron city refuse to come to the fore but the powers of hell lash out against the hunter dealing a point of lethal damage.
          Failure: the iron city doesn't appear.
          Success: the terrain around the hunter shifts and bends to resemble a portion of the iron city of Dis, this creates an environment the Hunter is familiar with and negates bonuses any opponents might get from the terrain. Having your own realm changed before your eyes is also bound to have some psychological sense. The hunter and any other hunters with castigation also gain a +3 to rolls to activate their castigations, this is a drawback in its own way as it increases the chances of scoring an exceptional success.
          Exceptional Success: the Hunter gains 2 dice to perception rolls and +2 initiative while within the Iron City.
          Note: this does not change the physical world, it only works on dream worlds, the shadow, the hedge or other such realms but is especially attuned to work in a beast's lair. In any other environment the hunter makes his roll at a -2 penalty.

          The idea behind this one is mostly in the psychology of how important a lair is to a beast. You prod the beast into dropping it's lair on you and it thinks it has the advantage and then you change it's realm into your own, a reversal on "welcome to my lair" as it were. It's probably not balanced but it was thought up spur of the moment.
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