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    I have a mixed group of supernaturals that will be playing in my game. I want to use the Long Night as one of the antagonists. Religious fanatics are always a good source of conflict, but I was wondering how to go about it. Has anyone used them in game?

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    Remember that they're not necessarily fanatics; men and women of faith, certainly, and with some slightly eccentric convictions, but they're not all torch-waving lunatic crusaders or wannabe martyrs. One really unnerving angle you can go for is the idea that they want to "redeem" the player characters, trying to steer them back to morality and mortality through the power of God. It's one thing to have a hunter chase you with a shotgun, but it's another thing entirely to have one show up at the door of your haven and say "There's still hope for you."

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      I couldn't agree more with atamajakki,

      The only thing I'd add to that is to really consider how the Cell you want to use sees the supernaturals, particularly the player characters. The beauty of Mortal Hunters is that they have so little of the picture to go off of, but they're willing to take a stand rather than turn a blind eye to the supernatural. Sometimes this can be noble, other times it can be selfish. Both ways can lead the Hunters down a dark road that will see their very humanity destroyed, and all the while they'll never have the full picture like any of the supernatural PCs will.

      For the Long Night in particular I recommend having the Cell be something as simple as a AA meeting group. Something small but intimate, where the Compact and Cell itself help each Hunter deal with their experience with the supernatural and their personal beliefs and faith give context to the horros they've either experienced or survived through. And most importantly, have them be reactive to the player character's actions, up until a single PC gives them a justifiable reason to be proactive. Even if it doesn't seem justifiable to the PC, as long as it's reistic for that NPC.


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        I was thinking of making them more like the tv show Millennium. I've also thought of the fact that they are human work for them. For instance the Mages have to be very careful not to create Paradox by their presence.


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          From a brief look over the wikipedia page Millennium seem more like the MM crossed with VASCU.


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            Hate the sin, not the sinner! Make sure to remind the supernaturals just how much God Loves Them while you waterboard - I mean 'baptize' - them repeatedly while forcing them to watch televized sermons.