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    Originally posted by LostLight View Post
    of course I don't :P

    while when writing them, I've preferred the Bunshin to be temporary creations instead of long term vessels with the hunter being able to operate through all of them in the same time, this version is nice as well. I've also thought about replacing ninjutsu with Echoes (after all, the Endowment's name is just a fancy way to say "Echo" :P ), but I wasn't sure about how they worke the moment I've written them down, so I went with Dread Powers. Anyway, nice work- but if you remove the resources system, you should remove the "special" tag, as it is a single merit (unless I'm missing something?)
    Yeah, I specifically went with the semi-permanent route, not temporary - hence the minding part. And I just copied the "Special" tag from yours, so it shouldn't be there.

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