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    Currently my Hunter world uses only 5 compacts. The Union, The Long Night, The Loyalists Of Thule, The Barret Commision and The Bear Lodge. Three of these compacts have endowments listed in the book Compacts&Conspiracies but Barret Commision(introduced in Nightstalkers) and the Bear Lodge(Spiritslayers I think) do not. I would like all the compacts to have endowments. Rather than make them up myself I thought I'd just use other endowments from compacts that I'm not using. I'm listing them here to see if anyone has any ideas on what would make them fit better or if there was a different endowment that would be better.

    Compact Endowments

    The Union
    "Your friends and neighbors" • to •••••
    At The Start of a game session the hunter can select one Benefit from the list for himself and his cell that lasts the rest of the game session
    1. Points in the "Safe Place", "Cache" and "Secrecy"Merit and sub merits equal to the number of merit dots split up as he wants.
    2. The Hunter gains a social bonus with a resident equal to the number of dots in this merit. If the hunter uses this benefit then he'd better be willing to pay up or else the dots become a social penalty until restitution a are made.
    3. Gain dots in the "Allies" merits spread as he wants over aspects of local life (I.E local police, PTA, volunteer fire department, local store owners etc.)
    4. Can take the number of dots in this merit as a bonus to any drive rolls made in the area.
    5.(This is Homebrew) the hunter gains a "support network". Of people he can talk to and that will help him get through the horrid acts he may have had to do in pursuit of the vigil. If the Hunter had to make a breaking point roll and failed, he can visit the support network and re-roll with a bonus equal to the ranks in this merit. If the roll is a success then the integrity point is restored as though it never happened.

    The Loyalists Of Thule
    "Unearthed Secrets" • to •••••
    At the beginning of the story, the Hunter gains a number of secrets about monsters or other hunters for each dot in this merit. Each dot also functions as a contact relating towards information on the supernatural

    The Long Night
    "The Prayer" • to •••••
    At the start of each dawn, provided the Hunter prayed before going to sleep, the hunter gains a pool of "prayer points" equal to the dots in this merit that can be spent on the following bonuses
    1. The hunter can cash in prayer points reflexively for willpower points
    2. The hunter can transfer willpower points to another hunter with this merit. 1 point transferred cost one prayer point(reflexive). Note that the prayer points do not become willpower points, this is the cost for transferring your own willpower to someone else.
    3. The Hunter can cash in prayer points to ignore wound penalties for one turn, 1 prayer point negates one -1 penalty(reflexive)
    4. The Hunter can spend a prayer point(reflexive) to add his dots in this merit to rolls made to resist mental domination for one turn.
    5. (This Is Homebrew) if the hunter has to make a breaking point roll he can reflexively spend a prayer point to add his ranks in the prayer merit to the roll.

    The Barret Commission
    "Soirée" • to •••••
    Use Ashwood Abbey's "Bacchanal"
    The Hunter doesn't need to pay anything to activate this, that is the benefit of privilege. The overall idea is pretty straight forward, once per story the hunter can throw what is essentially a big party. The number of guests would equal roughly 20 times the rank in this endowment but the real benefit is what the hunter can get after. Before the Soirée, double the number of dots in this merit, that creates a pool for the hunter to use to purchase specific advantages.
    1. Compact Influence: the hunter can purchase a social bonus with other members of the compact, each point confers a +1 bonus to a max of +5
    2. Famous Guests: points can be spent to ensure the attendance of specific famous guests. The number of dots the guest has in the "Fame" merit equals the price to have them attend.
    3. Sphere Of Influence: choose a personal or professional sphere(politicians, military, advertising etc.) and the hunter gains a social bonus with that group equal to the points spent(max 5) that lasts the entire story. The ST may decide certain groups are unlikely to show however
    4. Supernatural Sway: the hunter can purchase a social bonus with a specific supernatural group equal to the points spent(max 5). How this is earned might take a bit of roleplay such as the cell abducting a known shapechanger and thus buying influence over the vampire community that the shapechanger long tormented or inviting a coven of sociable witches and gaining a bonus with that particular faction.
    5. Tactical Advantage: Tactics performed by the cell during the Soirée gain an advantage because the advantage was set up before hand(I.E removable table legs as stakes or furniture arranged to make the movement of the prey difficult). The hunter can buy up to 3 bonus dice afforded to all secondary actors.

    The Bear Lodge
    "Master Huntsmen" • to •••••
    Use Null Mysteriis's "I'm Doing Science".
    This merit is changed slightly to fit with the Bear Lodges huntsmen sensibilities. The ST should tailor the information given with that in mind. At the beginning of a Hunt related scene, the hunter rolls Wits+Survival+"Master Huntsmen" ranks. This is an instant roll mechanically but takes more than one turn to perform- approximately it is 5 minutes of investigating. Successes can be used in one of the following ways once the investigation is over.
    1. The Hunter can use what he's learned to track a monster that left evidence behind at the scene(blood, fur, etheric vapors etc.). The hunter gains a bonus equal to the number of dots in this endowment to rolls made to track the creature for a number of hours equal to the successes made on the roll.
    2. The Hunter learns some specific fact about the monster based on the evidence found. This is largely up to ST discretion but he may learn that the Vampire hasn't fed recently based on the consistency of the blood or that the werewolf is having difficulty transforming based on the tracks. And exceptional success should give 2 facts.
    3. The hunter adds the successes to a pool that can be added to the next attack against the monster. The hunter can use this gift on himself or can pass the bonus to another hunter in the cell. This information might come in the form "the creature is favoring it's left leg, strike there." Or "the witch's magic stems from the palms, make sure it can't use them."
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    The Bear Lodge one sounds good to me. Emphasises tracking and expertise.

    I'm not so sure about the Barret Commission one. The power they have seems like something that should always be "on." I think a modification of Friends and Neighbours might be more in order (perhaps from a thematic point, the similarity could be used to show how people from different walks of life are brought together by the Vigil). Maybe...
    1. Slush Fund. Can appropriate a dot of Resources that lasts the cell the rest of the session. This can stack with other Resource dots for big purchases, but makes it easier for following the money to trace it to you, should the ST want to add that complication.
    2. Favour for a Favour. Works like F&N 2, but with a peer in your sphere of power rather than a local.
    3. Position of Trust. Gain allies as in F&F 3, but in your local halls of power rather than local neighbourhood.
    4. Sphere of Influence. Like your Soiree 3, but don't need to arrange a party first.
    5. My People are On it. Like Position of Trust, but gets you Retainers.