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  • resisted endowments

    Current group is working on a custom endowment. The core hunter book has design questions you are supposed to ask (can it be resisted), but i guess my question is when in your opinion should an endowment be resisted/contested? One player suggested anytime a power tries to take control of a person/creature (mind or body) it should be resisted. What process do you all use? This will mainly involve benedictions/holy gifts and powers.

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    Powers that have a potent or overwhelming binary effect (either it works or it doesn't) should incline towards being contested.
    Powers that have a sliding scale of effect, where the number of rolled successes matters to the magnitude of the result, or powers that have a binary effect that doesn't overwhelm the target and thus generally are more interesting when they succeed more often than not, should incline towards being resisted.

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      As above. Control powers are usually contested, roll vs roll. As far as I know, the type of endowment is not a factor, but I appreciate the attempt to give as much info as possible.