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Rites Du Cheval... ¿how can we fix them?

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  • Rites Du Cheval... ¿how can we fix them?

    I have been re-reading Spirit Slayers, and as far I understand this is how they work: each rite demand a ceremony (which may last hours) preferibly performed in a sacred space, the correct appeasement for the spirit, and a roll of Presence + Expression. After that the effect usually persist for a single scene.
    The obvious problem is, of course, functionality: isn´t likely that the 4.5 feet tall killing machine will sit down patiently in a corner while the hunter summons the power to boost his armor. Also, what about being able to benefit from several rites at once (Urathas are a bit hard to kill).
    Any ideas to make them more...versatile?
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    well, I have made a number of alternative systems for that Endowment in here. Maybe you'll find one of them as useful.

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      Mmmmm... not bad. Question, how does the Great Spirit Society manage to defeat spirits in order to skin them? they are even more powerful than werewolves.
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        Minor spirits are far less powerful than werewolves. A single mortal could easily kill a Rank 1 spirit, with most of their problem involving being able to find it in the first place. A group of mortals, like a cell, powered up with the abilities of Rank 1 spirits, could then take down Rank 2 and 3, increasing in power as they go.

        Rank 4 and 5 spirits would take considerable effort to kill, along with opportunism, as some of them may be bound to harmlessness place through magic of werewolves and other beings.