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  • Alternate names for monsters

    (i guess this could go in the Chronicles of Darkness main, but my reasoning was hunters are the ones most likely not to know a creature's name, and different compacts are more likely to have their own terminology then, say, different courts or tribes)

    So! You're a hunter. You haven't read any sourcebooks, you don't know much about the supernatural besides whats in front of you, what do you call monsters? It's mostly for fluff and worldbuilding- what do the compacts, conspiracies and cells call the enemy?

    Ideas for the big three-

    Vampires- Heamovores( Null Mysterris), the undead, biters, leeches, Counts, Post-Mortum Hostile ENEs (TF:V), antichrists (long night, some Mallus Maleficarium), bloodsuckers, the Heirs of Dis, the Lost Parliment (both Thule- old names in occult texts, no-one's quite sure what they're referring to), sparklers, all-night partiers.

    Werewolves- Lupine Polymorphs (Null Mysteris), shifters, lunatics, Polymorphic Hostile ENEs, skinchangers, The Wardens of The First Wilds (Thule), wolfmen, the kings of the shadow (anyone with some, but not quite enough, grasp of the nature of werewolves), dog people, infiltrators

    Mages- Witch/warlock/wizard/etc, spookies, Instigators of Anomalous Causality (or IACs- Null Mysteris), wandwavers, Humanoid Semi-Hostile ENEs (TF:V), psychics, x-men, The Children of Dragons (Thule), magic man, potters, Steve who's a perfectly normal member of the cell and I resent these accusations that his good luck at catching mages is down to anything but skill.

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    I feel like Null Mysteris would be the first to notice that so-called werewolves have dangerous claws, which is something wolves don't have. They're all teeth.

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      Most Hunters have some inkling of common occult knowledge though, so I think the terms of vampire, werewolf and witch may suffice. They may not know there are different types of vampires or that werewolves are a hybrid spirit entity but they would understand the base concept of a man who turns into a wolf.

      That being said, for my TfV game info use psuedo scientific names for the different creatures. Such as Corpus Nocturnus for vampires, Homo Lycanthropus for werewolves, Corpus Incorporeus for ghosts and such. Some of that may not be proper naming but I'm too lazy to come up with anything else.


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        Vampires: Unless you're part of an organization like Null Mysteriis or VALKYRIE who insist on reinventing the lexicon, these are just vampires. Occasionally a werewolf or a chupacabra if you run up against a weird bloodline or a Gangrel you didn't sight much in human form, maybe a zombie or revenant if you didn't see it feed in detail.
        Werewolves: Again, if you see anything past Dalu on the shape scale, you just call 'em werewolves. If they don't go past Dalu, they might be wizards, witches, mutants, hulks, Hydes or Bigfoot.
        Mages: Wizards, witches, Satanists, psychics, genies, or maybe even ghosts or the Devil, depending on the encounter.
        Prometheans: Depending on the disfigurements and Transmutations: zombies, frankensteins, clones, androids, shapeshifters, golems, statues and mannequins.
        Changelings: Wizards, witches, mutants, aliens, psychic vampires, elves, faeries, genies and the Devil, if you don't see through the Mask. If you do, they could be anything from satyrs to demons to fallen angels to vampires to sasquatches to reptilians.
        Bound: Zombies, revenants, ghosts, mediums, Satanists, immortals, wizards, witches, and the possessed.
        Mummies: Liches, immortals, Satanists, the Illuminati, wizards, warlocks, and the Devil. Whatever you call them, you're unlikely to call them mummies unless you glimpsed them at their rising and remembered through the Sybaris.
        Demons: Psychics, aliens, mutants, genies, clones, the Illuminati, elves, faeries, shapeshifters, body-snatchers and the Devil, if you don't see their demonic form. If you do, like changelings they range a lot, but androids, fallen angels, demons, aliens, body-snatchers, the Thing and the Devil.
        Beasts: Witches, mutants, psychic vampires, elves, faeries, and the possessed, if you don't witness the Horror. If you do, once again it could be all kinds of things, with a slant towards demons and the Devil. If hunters use "monster" to designate a specific class of predator rather than just anything, it's most likely to be Beasts who have exposed the Horror.