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Rules / Conditions for bodily needs?

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  • Rules / Conditions for bodily needs?

    For some reason, I remember there being rules and / or Conditions about starvation, thirst and / or fatigue. In fact, I distinctly remember there being at least a 'Fatigued' or 'Exhausted' Condition in one of the books, but I can't find it for the life of me (though I could be thinking of the Condition a blood donor gets after feeding a Vampire too much?).

    If these rules exist, could someone tell me where to find them? If they don't, how do you or your ST figure things out like that?

    Note: I posted this in the Hunters forum because I assume *most* Hunters to be human (or at least human enough to have body functions and needs, like Mages). I know that rules for Vampire starvation are different than they would be for a human.