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    Originally posted by Ameraaaaaa View Post
    Whats a 4t tier plot hook i can guess but What book is that from
    "Tier Four" is commonly used to describe organizations, entities, and events that span across Cosmic scale. A mass awakening of mummies across the world through the Heart of Re definitely counts. Tier Three is Global to National, Two is Regional, and One is Local.

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


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      Damnnnnnnnnnn! I get it now i want to make my own


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        Most people are satisfied at their 2-3 years of mandatory service in the IDF before moving on in their life- but not you. You wanted to do something more, something bigger- but becoming a military officer wasn't really your thing. Too many rules, too many limitations. You worked in the intelligence unit, and you knew that information war is the new name of the game. You applied to the Shin Beth, and they have invited you to an interview. Everything went smooth- when suddenly, your interviewer "got a call" and left the room, only for another to take his place. She told you she sees you have a great potential, if you are willing to join a top secret task force, one meant to deal with the true threats in Israel. Of course you said yes- that's what you wanted, right? Too bad nothing in your military service has prepared you for fighting undead gods.

        You had that necklace in your family for generations. Nobody knows how your grandma has managed to hide it in the holocaust- she never said. On her deathbed, she whispered to you to always keep it for her, so it would "help you remember". You did as she asked, until one night you heard sounds coming from the kitchen- a thief. You thought he was just searching for money- but he told you exactly what he was after. The necklace, as a "gift to his master". He attacked you with a knife- but apparently, all of those Krav Maga lessons paid off. Unfortunately, the bastard somehow managed to get himself killed by his own knife in the process. Just as you started to think what to do with the body, they came in- they told you they would help you out, but in exchange you need to give them the necklace. You didn't had a lot of choice. Now, you are a part of them- and you now carry a copy of that necklace. It helps you remember.

        You always had interest in archaeology- discovering new information about lost civilizations and fallen cultures. Sure, there isn't a lot of work in that field, but money is not everything in life, right? Well, at least that was what you told yourself, until you finished your university degree. Understanding that the closest for archaeologist you are going to be is cleaning a restaurant's bathrooms, you decided to make a name for yourself by yourself. Israel is full of relics, you just need to know where to look. You paid a decent amount of money, and got information about a cave rumored to contain relics from the time of the Second Temple- but when you got there, you discovered nothing, but a smiling woman sitting on a chair, waiting for you. She told you that it was a test, and that she offers you a job in your own field. You happily accepted it- even though that now, after dealing with undying civilizations and relics which shatter the mind and soul, you start to remember that she never actually told you whether you passed or failed.

        You were a part of that cult, just as your father before you, and his mother before him. You were taught that you exist to protect your patron Tzadik's grave, and keeping their collection of holy artifacts from greedy strangers. You have even been marked as a potential heir for the Rabbi, and many of them expect a lot from you. God is watching you, they say, and he is going to judge if you are worthy. You, however, don't need to wait for God's judgement- you know you aren't, and you don't want anything to do with this cult. You just want a normal life, but you know they won't let you. You saw what happened to David when he tried to escape. One day, you talk on the internet with someone about how obsessive your family is and how they just can't "let you go", when they offered to meet with you. You were nervous- but you agreed. You thought it was going to be a date or something- but instead, it was something far better. It was your way for freedom. You just need to spy on your cult for few more weeks, and then it would be over. Sure, you are going to betray everyone you ever knew, your own family and friends and God himself- but they were judged by you, and they were not worthy.

        Your kid was always a talented artist. A natural talent, some say. It almost looked like he was driven by something to keep creating, sculpting clay and metal into form. He was at the top of his class in the Bezalel Academy for Arts. Some patrons has already showed interest in his works, willing to pay a lot of money for them- but he was wary to do so. They weren't perfect, he said, weren't the ones he searched for. One day, he locked himself in his room and didn't came out for a week- until you had enough and broke through the door- discovering him just as he finished the most beautiful piece of art you have ever seen in your life. Suddenly, something broke into your house- a figure cloaked in divine light and godly aura. You think you screamed- you don't remember it well- but when the light has gone, both your son and his creation have vanished. You just sat there on the floor for God knows how much time when they came. They told you they can help you save your son, if you are willing to do what it takes. Of course you agreed- but you have to hurry. The thing is going to sacrifice him to its unholy gods in three weeks from now.
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