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Demon cover and true sight

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  • Demon cover and true sight

    In mortal remains concerning Demons it says, "A demon can also spend a Willpower point to counter any effect that would reveal her as a supernatural creature. This applies especially to supernatural effects. She can’t pretend to be a vampire or a ghostwalker, but she’ll appear as fully human."

    Does this mean a hunter using true sight (of whatever variety) can be duped automatically if the demon spends a wp or is it referring to people seeing the demon do a supernatural act and being convinced it was mundane?

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    No idea what this True Sight is that you're referring to, but if it's a supernatural perception power, then you could have the demon and the hunter roll Clash of Wills. If the demon wins, it appears as a normal human. If the hunter wins, he knows that the person in front of him is anything but a normal human.

    people seeing the demon do a supernatural act and being convinced it was mundane
    Considering where the ability came from, this probably isn't the intended effect.

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      True Sight of St.Abel


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        The Benediction, right? If so, then it's a supernatural perception power that's working against a supernatural concealment power. Clash of Wills it is.

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          Weird Mortal remains says a Demon has to spend willpower for that, considering the power is called Spoofing in Demon and it doesn't cost Willpower.

          The others are probably right about the clash of wills on the power. (I don't have the book for checking how benedictions work at the moment.)

          As for how the effect works, spoofing generally tripped whenever an effect was used that would determine the Unchained as non-human. This applied whether the effect was direct, power specifically lets you see if someone is supernatural, or indirect, a mage spell that reads all human minds in 30ft. I'd probably use that as the basis for the mortal remains version of the power. You know have the option to spend willpower to automatically make the spoofing effect work and avoid the clash, or something like that. It probably wouldn't work if the demon did something blatant like dissolve their arm into a sword.


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            Dunno, the capacity to instantly appear mundane doesn't mentions any clashes of wills. It straight up trumps the attempt.

            Is that a Vigil take on Unchained? If so that explains the disparity between the splat presented in Descent.


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              The demons in Mortal Remains a combination of the Unchained, Infernals, angels, Exiled, Infrastructures, Lares, Silvers and all other things which were branded together as "demons". That's always been Hunter's way for dealing with things- mixing things up into creating something semi accurate at best, but that somehow, it still works.

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                Well here's a question, what's the target range on the benediction in question? I mean probably a bit of difference in how it would normally see play if it just allowed one to pull up binoculars at a major sporting event scan the crowd and players and pick out any supernaturals in the groups, vs if it only worked on a study and so the most likely people it would be used on would be in police questioning scenarios?


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                  Lets put it this way. What game are you playing? If its Demon the Descent, then no. True Sight should not work - covers are things that can stand up to the God Machine's scrutiny. A mortal hunter is a bit iffy.

                  If Its Hunter the Vigil, then having an enemy that can absolutely hide from a bought power is just as iffy, if not more so.