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    Hi, I have never run Hunter games but only played it few times in con (Ropecon), though to try it out this autumn with short campaign.

    My basic focus would be to take some stuff I played myself in con, basically a robbery of mystical artifacts that are too dangerous to let fall into wrong hands.

    I will have six players, which have not played World of Darkness games a lot. I haven't decided if I should do pre-gens or do character creation session, we have time to do it and I generally run character creation - but as it is new system I could do the characters beforehand and then hand them out as people like them..

    At the moment the basic structure would be something like this. The cell doesn't have other contacts to Conspiracies but a handler and a keeper of magical artifacts. The handler has helped them in their past, though I think if I do pre-gens at least few of the characters are blackmailed to be members. The handlers focus is on dangerous devices and gathering them. She might have connection to one of the conspiracies or be member of her own thing.

    The monsters have been revealed to the characters through dangerous artifacts mostly, either directly by their contamination or by beings looking after them. I would need help on what kind of things these could be as It would be nice to have each either possessing or have access to one dangerous thing. I presume the characters are otherwise mundane professionals. Having dangerous artifacts steers me to think about the pre gens...

    The keeper of magical things is either dead or one of their workers is dead and the holding place has been robbed. I think the first session would be the team going into the "Green Box" or something like that, taking care of the corpse and gathering information about the robbery. Something dangerous has been stolen. Some nasty gang has stolen the thing, which would be the next part. After some time skipping the team could find out that they have sold the goods, or they could find out otherwise that the goods are been auctioned in some High Class place.

    The main thing I would like to have is session or few about going into the Auction, stealing the dangerous thing, encountering the Monster (what ever it might be) of the story and getting the dangerous thing back to safety. Leaving room for personal stuff, investigation and some worldbuilding as well.

    So the guidance I need would be:

    First: Should I do pre-gens or do character creations?
    Second: What kind of dangerous items would mess peoples lives so that they would be motivated to hunt down things?

    Also, do this sound like good starting point to bring forth the Hunter feel?


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    I would let the players do character creation. It goes quickly and it gives the players more of a connection to the characters. If you want to get to playing quickly, and the players don't have the book, then you can do the whole of character creation together, but don't do Merits. I find that Merits takes the longest time, and requires a lot of reading. Play the first session with just skills and attributes, and then let the players add Merits at the next session.

    As for getting the PCs hooked into your story, you could let them decide. You should have a couple of options up your sleeve to help players who struggle to find a reason.

    If these are new players, you might want them to create normal professional mortals who have not encountered the supernatural before. (e.g. police detective, reporter, historian, etc.) Having them encounter it together for the first time could be your hook. You could kick off character creation by saying, "There has been a murder and a robbery of an ancient artifact from a local museum. Your characters have been called in. Lets brainstorm some ideas on who your characters are, then we can write up their stats together."


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      If you don't know it already, I recommend the amazing SCP Foundation. It's a collection of creepy pastas that imitates documentation of a secret organisation. A number of articles describes objects that could be basis of an entire campaign. Some of the highlights include:

      Red Sea Object - A set of keys leading to a desolate alternate reality. The plot essentially writes itself. Clandestine organisations could be using that world as a resource, leading to a complicated shadow war between each other - with your characters in the middle. It could be used as source of strange technology, common objects of brands that the characters haven't heard of and mind-breaking Horrors.
      "Ronald Reagan Cut Up While Talking" - A bizarre VHS tape. Noteworthy less for its usefulness, than for the building dread it evokes. A very climactic piece, that unfortunately requires you to fill in the blanks to make a worthwhile game session.
      Camera Disruption - An empty coffin that causes anomalies of recording equipment. Could be used for counter-espionage, assassination and terrorism, which is reason enough to retrieve it. You don't even need to explain its mystery, but if you want to, you can use anything that will engage the players.
      Builder Bear - An artifact, a monster and a source of artifact monsters all in one. The characters could be tracking the original through the murderous copies it leaves in its wake.

      Taking from an entirely different source, there's "Friday the 13th: The Series". It's full of Relics with tempting use, but requiring a price in blood. The episode "Faith Healer" had a glove that could cure any malady, but whatever it healed had to be transferred to another person, amplified to lethal levels. Such an object could be sought by unscrupulous characters for personal use, or be owned by someone willing to get rich off people's lives.



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        So, magic items are the initial reason?

        Hmm, resources...

        Other Media:CofD resources of note:
        • Reliquary - It is the book of magic items, many with problems of their own.
        • Mummy: the Curse (ancient monsters that pursue Relics for their own purposes). Also it establishes Relics as things that are Cursed by their very nature.
          • Mortal Remains (for its Mummy chapter, if you want to keep things entirely in Hunter)
        • God-Machine Chronicle and/or Demon: the Descent for high weirdness (the objects might simply be part of a large plan, when not the initiator). God-Machine stuff and Gadgets have a tendency to make people into Stigmatics, and creatures into Cryptids.
        • Mage: the Awakening (magic items can cause all kinds of problems due to Paradox, and that isn't even getting into Abyssal stuff)
        • Hurt Locker - for the Infected specifically, since their condition involves magical items.
        Forum Resources:General Ideas:
        • The handlers sound like they could be either in the Loyalists of Thule, or the Aegis Kai Doru.
        • You could leverage building events to bring in the bigger Conspiracy players (ideally as NPCs, so the PCs get some minor exposure to a few of them before trying to make any decision).
        • For the auction, make sure to throw in a few mysterious players - maybe they are monsters, maybe they are Conspiracy representatives, maybe they are guardians - amongst the normal buyers.
          • For added fun, throw in an attempted theft of the item(s) after or even during the auction.
        If you want to corral Player character choices without outright doing pregens, create a list of options (loaded with story hooks) and have the Players incorporate one or more into their characters. Like "Heir to a dark family secret" or "Indebted to a mysterious patron". They can still create characters, but you'll at least have some ideas already attached to whoever picks those up.

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          Thanks a lot for taking time to help me out!

          I do think I will do character creation, likely will follow the idea on adding Merits later.

          Curious, Relics and Tomes is awesome resource! Macabre Mysteries # 2 for example is perfect. Additionally I will ask if someone has Reliquary.

          Thanks again!