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So here's endowment idea

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  • So here's endowment idea

    1 all about lies
    1st do for 1 point of glitches your immune to normal lies
    2ed for 2 points of glitches your immune to supernatural lies
    3ed for 3 points of glitches you can lie perfectly but supernatural form's of seeing though lies get to contest with supernatural potency and presence vs endowment and composer
    4th dot for 4 points of glitches even supernatural powers can tell your lieing
    5th power not sure
    I might change the points of glitches to just 1 per dot

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    Can you elaborate both the intent and the mechanics here? I don't know what you are trying to do, except a phased lying power.

    Is this supposed to be an entire Endowment?

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      Indeed it was my try at making endowments any idea for 5th dot like an invisible power that can't be detected but has 2 points of glitches where the rest are just 1 this way it seems that it's a powerful endowment with enough flaws to make it ok and maybe the invisible power costs 1 willpower and lasts for a scene any idea's better than this 1


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        What does it do? What Glitches are you referencing? Demon: the Descent's? How does this interact with lies? Since it is an Endowment, what Hunter Conspiracy would this be for?

        Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
        Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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          It's a wip
          Yes demon the descent
          1st it makes you immune to lies then makes your lies perfect then gives you invisibility that even supernatural can't detect but costs 2 glitches instead of 1 for example 1 dot means i gain a miner glitch then let's say i get another dot then I can upgrade the 1st glitch to major or gain another miner glitch
          Agein working on that maybe some short of business men and women that makes deals with demons after all you can be better than demons when it comes to deals
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            How is this supposed to help hunt monsters?

            It really just seems like a stigmatic or offspring merit to me.


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              For example setting up an ambush by talking the monster down or telling someone to give you there gun or else they will die really useful for anything where lieing is useful really good 5th dot that let's you sneek around so many things but you got glitches as well so it works


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                Not being able to tell if someone is lying isn't the same as automatically believing them.

                "Give me the gun or you'll die"
                "I am utterly convinced that you believe that."


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                  Good point well still very useful right it's better then a entire skill only problem is now you look like a freak


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                    Still not that helpful to the Vigil. Some kind of truth-compulsion and belief projection might be useful as cover-up material, though.

                    This concept need more expansion before it is worth making an Endowment, I'd think.

                    Also, since this is Hunter, you might not want to use Glitches, since that is a Demon specific mechanic (and thus requires the Demon core book). Hunter usually tries to keep things generic or gameline-agnostic. If you abstract it out to a Ban, that should be fine.
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                    Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
                    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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                      True i guess i will need to work harder still


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                        Yes, well, this isn't so much an endowment as five ideas strung together in a line. That resembles a 1e-era supernatural power, more than anything else.
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