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  • Integrity by Attrition

    Starting a Hunter game, using 2nd ed rules. Including Hurt Lockers Integrity by Attrition system.

    Anyone with insight into the system, I'm looking for thoughts on incorporating it with Hunter Touchstones and potentionally The Code.


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    The final rules arn't out yet, but it shouldn't be too hard to incorporate it together. If I had to house rule it, I would say The Code allows you to skip breaking points above your sin level as usual, alongside changing what a traumatic event is. You might want to rule that getting a counter or a certain amount of counters gives you some of the conditions that passing/failing a breaking point would give you. For Touchstones, I'd probably tie it in to the amount of counters you have. If you have a touchstone, you can take an extra counter. If you don't, then you subtract a counter from your max. Ex 7 Integrity guy has a touchstone, he needs four to fall to the next level. If he doesn't, he takes two. It would also make the meaningful interactions for Integrity increase easier-if only by giving them someone obvious to interact with.

    I'm not very familiar with the Attrition rules, so I am not sure how practical these changes would be >_>.


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      I'll have to look over The Code and things like that, same with Conditions. But that Touchstone idea is really good, definitely going to implement that right away. At the moment their Touchstones are more for RP flavor and meaningful interactions, giving it a tangible bonus will make the loss of it that much more impacting.

      Thanks so much for the help!