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  • The slasher creation thread

    Show your fan made slasher characters or slasher ideas that need expanding. Fan-made slashers undertakings are allowed

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    Dont got it set in stone but i am looking for suggestions on a slasher motif or idea for maybe a legend or charmer, maybe one of each undertaking?


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      I had this concept of an extremely polite and flashy Maniac girl with lots of money to burn and a penchant for building death traps with plenty of sadistic choiches.Kinda like anime Saw.


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        Was thinking what Undertaking was the Joker from Batman? Riddler's clearly a genius?


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          Joker is either a Maniac or Psycho


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            So, I have what I like to think is a really good one...

            The Man Who Smiles Too Much

            Jordan Matthison was an ordinary man. he paid his taxes, worked a respectable job, and even had the wife and two kids every Suburbanite dreams of. But, there was something different about him: he was always happy. i know what you're thinking... How can this be a problem? Well, for a long time, it wasn't. His marriage seemed perfect. He and his wife Stephanie never fought. His children were well behaved. But his happiness... It began to take a toll.

            It started when Stephanie's mother died suddenly of an aneurysm. The family was devastated, but Jordan didn't seem as upset as most others. Now, he tried to play the part, but it's hard to fake an emotion you are completely and utterly incapable of feeling. This was the beginning wedge between Jordan and his family. Stephanie began drinking more heavily after her mother's passing, and began goading Jordan into fights. he never lost his cool, even when she would slap him. This drove her over the edge.

            In a fit of drunken rage, she packed up the van and the kids, and set off for her sister's. But she never made it. She crashed the car, killing her and the two children inside instantly, and severely injuring the other driver. Jordan knew he was meant to grieve, knew he should be devastated. But he couldn't feel anything but happiness.

            His work began to suffer as he struggled to cope with the warring thoughts in his mind. He began trying to find ways to feel the grief he knew he should be experiencing. And that's when he found his solution: an ancient knife cursed with foul magics. The legend says it allows its wielder to feel the pain and fear of the person being cut or stabbed with it. Jordan immediately broke into the museum housing it and stole it.

            And that's when the murders began...

            Jordan would stalk a woman similar to his wife, then kidnap her. He would then take her to some secure location and torture her, the knife transferring the pain and suffering from his victim straight to him. The catharsis was beyond anything Jordan could've dreamed of. He was more than addicted: he was obsessed. He had to have more victims so he could feel more. And then maybe, just maybe, once he had grieved enough, he could stop and be free of the horror of only ever being happy.

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              This is the basework of one that I'm working on the side of my Soldiers of Tomorrow homebrew, its not finished but might grab someone's interest.

              THE EARL (Scourge)
              Concept: Hero to Some, Villain to Everyone Else
              Theme: “Its either Us or Them.”

              It's a hard thing to admit but mankind is not an accepting creature, we simply cannot take world all at once and call it square, there is only so much we can take on a personal level before we begin to categorize the things and people around us. The most important things to us we keep close and safe, woe beside those that threaten those cherished things, and keep the things we hate as far from ourselves as possible. Dividing the things into categories is how we organize our minds in such a chaotic world, how we keep track of our desired destination. Its how we've we survived as a species; as a group; as individuals.

              ...and it can get real ugly when it's challenged: Exile. Murder. Tyranny. War. Genocide.

              When there is only so much space.
              Only so many resources.
              Only so many good jobs.
              Only so much Good Will to go around, it is inevitable that a choice of survival will all boil down to whether your with the group...or against it. In that dark corner of society exists those that are the embodiment of those ideals, the Earls.

              Unlike other Slashers the Earls are not fakes, their compassion is REAL as is their FURY, and they have no need from flimsy pretenses when the killings begin or sinister plots getting to know you. If your one of Their Own they will move Heaven and Earth to help you when you are in need of it, they will willingly share resources and good advice if it is within their power to do so...and they make getting more power for YOUR sake their main mission in life.

              An Earl will Brave the Storm for You.
              Move Mountains for You.
              Take a Bullet for You.
              Face the Dragon for You.
              And all He asks is Hand every now and again.
              “What does he Ask of You?” you ask.

              To pick up a case of beer for the Friday games.
              To help move some furniture for the old couple next door.
              To pick up a co-workers kids after school.
              To put a few dollars towards a community project.
              To smash the head of the asshole foreigner that's trying to run everyone else out of town.

              Oh sure its murder and all that, but He isn't going to leave you hanging to take the fall for it. Oh, no! He's going to do everything to keep you safe, and so is the rest of gang too, this is a Group Effort after all. Sure it looks like a conspiracy, sure their will be questions, but lets face it: the bitch was honestly trying to destroy our home, and now she will never threaten us or another friend of ours again.

              Our livelihoods are safe and the new guy is a Local, so he'll do just right by us, and all will be well.

              See you don't need mind control or intimidation to get people to do terrible things, the everyday world can monsters out men out of sheer necessity. We like to look at ourselves and say that we are morally above our ancestors, that the world is a totally more accepting and universally loving than ever before.

              We all know that is load of crap.

              When it comes down the wire we can only truly accept so many people in our inner circle.
              Only so many Strangers.
              Only so many Outsiders.
              Only so many of THEM before we cant take any more and it all boils down...

              To either Us...or Them...and it ain't gonna be Us.


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                You know this reminds me of the elite. A character from Punisher:Welcome Back Frank.