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Advanced Armory homebrew - opinions needed

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  • Advanced Armory homebrew - opinions needed

    working on some Advanced Armory RnD for our current game. Trying to setup for transition into 2nd ed when it comes out. What do you all think?


    Named after the magical staff given to Thor by Gríðr so he could kill the giant Geirröd, this cudgel empowers a TFV agent with the abillity to deliver high impact kinetic strikes regardless of an individual's strength. The item resembles a chrome cricket bat that emits an electric hum.

    Cost: None.
    Dice pool: as a weaponry attack
    Action: Instant
    Loadout: 4 uses before needing to be recharged.
    Initiative Penalty
    Metal Club
    Effect: Upon a successful weaponry strike, the target is violently knocked back a number of yards equal to the number of successes rolled due to the stored kinetic energy being released. The target takes additional lethal damage equal to half the number of successes rolled (meaning total damage dealt is the number of successes + DMG modifier + half the number of successes rolled). The grand total damage is also applied against targeted parts making it easier to harm body parts.
    Note: If a creature normally ignores damage types (such as a the undead) they take half the total damage dealt as lethal damage instead of bashing.
    Exceptional Success: none other than severe damage.

    Járnglófar Guantlets
    Named after the iron gloves of the godThor which enable him to wield his hammer Mjolnir, these guantlets grant a TFV agent aid in wielding various pieces of advanced armory.
    Cost: None.
    Dice pool: as part of a brawl or grapple attack
    Loadout: grants 2 reloads (a full loadout – varies per weapon) to any piece of power consuming advanced armory items. After the 2 reloads are used, the gloves are disabled and need to be recharged over 24 hours.
    Effect: the guantlets are essentially a high tech portable battery for advanced armory items. Rather than having to carry around extra power cells, agents wanted something closer at hand as well as needing tools to fend off enemies in close quarters without having to carry around other melee weapons. Thus, the Járnglófar Guantlets were born. While the gloves are worn and powered, they offer the following benefits:
    1. The gloves grants up to two reloads to any advanced armory weapon that uses a power cell that the agent is currently holding. The power transfer is an instant action.
    2. When used to grapple or crush items, the guantlets grant an automatic +3 successes to the user's strength rolls. This uses one loadout (see below).
    3. The hunter wearing these gloves can use the stored energy to stun opponents with a high voltage electric discharge as part of a brawl or grapple attack. So long as the hunter touches the target, he can reflexively use this function. The voltage is regulated automatically by an onboard smart computer so that the ideal shock is applied to the relative mass of the target. Upon a successful touch, grapple, or brawl attack, a creature takes the stunned tilt. This uses 2 loadouts (see below).
    When the hunter uses the 2nd and 3rd option listed above (in any combination), it transforms one of the item's reloads into a loadout of 4 for the gloves themselves. This breakdown of a reloads is not transferable to other advanced armory items.

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    I like the club idea, but the question is, "where would it be used?" I think, instead of looking like a chrome cricket bat, something more along the lines of a police baton or a collapsible riot baton. Plus, the lethal damage bit of it could be replaced with a stunned tilt/ arm or leg wrack or it works like a witch buster in that it stops monsters from using their powers that require their fuel source. I think it is either used as a personal defense weapon or it is used for non lethal captures. The gloves could be replaced with either a battery pack or battery belt, it might work as something like an upgrade to an existing weapon like the handheld mijolnir cannon. Since many weapons use fuel or bullets. The idea of the tfv making weapons that get their power from battery gloves, doesn't sound like military design.


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