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Pretend I'm Stupid And Explain To Me Who Actually Runs The Cheiron Group

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  • Pretend I'm Stupid And Explain To Me Who Actually Runs The Cheiron Group

    Has it ever been confirmed who exactly makes up the shadowy "board of directors"? If not, what are the clues that have been given? Is it aliens? 'Cuz I heard it was aliens.

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    Yeah it's in Compacts and Conspiracies, the book that reveals a lot of 'secrets' about the primary conspiracies and compacts.

    If you just want the Cheiron section they have the sections available individually.


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      The main clues are in Compacts & Conspiracies.


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        One amusing fanon crossover I heard was that they were the board of Pentex who managed to survive the Apocalypse by migrating to another universe. Apparently they learned that making deals with a universal force of entropy is a bad idea, so they’re now dealing with lesser, individual supernaturals.

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          They're all normal humans. Really.
          No they alien entities from another reality looking to conquer ours. Or save it. Or seek refuge here.
          They were normal humans but have become chimeric monsters ruling for centuries behind puppets.
          They are secretly 16 squirrels in suits.

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            Me, it's me. Surprise!


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              And the answer is; Yes...or No...depends who you ask
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                Secretive secret keepers who have big plans....or people who like making money, it could go both ways, really.
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