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    The Cleaners

    [a key upon a church's door]

    This world is fucked up.

    They call it the darkness. They call it crime. They call it entropy. They call it a disease. They give it many names- but in the end, the world is simply fucked up. It's fucked up on the mundane side of things, with criminals and murderers and cultists, serial killers and kidnappers and people who had their mind broken when something else leaked in. It's fucked up on the supernatural side of things, with monsters and spirits and undead, vampires and werewolves and horrors cloaked with unholy majesty. This world is fucked up- and this is why you have hunters, vigilantes who act outside of the law and take it upon themselves to deal with things which the regular system simply can't deal with. People who carry the candle, and use it to cast light into the depths of the darkness. They hunt monsters, fight demons, shoot slashers between their eyes and sacrifice their lives in order to give an hope for a better future.

    But that's only taking care of the symptoms. The disease itself still remains.

    The problem is, that this world is fucked up.

    The Domus Sanctus know it- they know that no matter how many monsters you will kill, new ones would take their place. Just as there is always someone else to pick up the candle, there is always another to take the knife. Monsters are formed almost spontaneously in the world, so even if you were to burn every vampire, silver-poison every shapeshifter or even drown every witch, new monsters would come. There is some sort of a status que, some sort of force which makes sure that for every spark you light, millions of mad shadows would be cast by it. As such, unlike other hunters, the Domus do not plan on dealing with the symptoms- they plan to deal with the problem. Their goal is to purify the House from within and without, and remove the taint from the very fabric of the world- for only then, the Vigil would have any meaning beyond the immediate survival against all chances.

    Originally founded by a group of devoted Christians after a corruption took place in their local church (a demon possessed the priest, some people went missing, the saints started to cry blood, you know, the regular deal), the group has since grew beyond its founders' beliefs. Tonight, the Domus include people of the all kinds, no matter their faith or ethnicity, as long as they are devoted to the group's mission- the clean the world. According to the House's belief, the world's flow of energy is, somehow corrupted- perhaps it is some result of a sin done by humanity long ago, the intervention of some forgotten deity, the equivalent of a supernatural calamity or that it has always been the case. That results with the formation of what is commonly known as "tainted places"- that is, locations where the darkness is strong, and reality itself seems to break under the effort. Monsters, in turn, are the outcome of the same taint leaking into people- and they carry that taint and spread it to new place, where it would take root and the cycle would start anew. By purifying those accursed places and removing their taint, it could be possible to fix the natural flow, and when that would be achieved, the Vigil would not only survive- but would even start winning.

    That's, of course, easier said than done. Tainted places are much harder to deal with than monsters. After all, if you wish to deal with a monster, you usually just need to kill it- but you can't kill a location. Sure, sometimes you can try to burn the whole place down or something like that- but even then, the taint is usually still there, hiding beneath the surface, waiting to act once rebuilt. Worse, sometimes the place start to gain sentience of some sort, something which allow it to fight back against the hunters in a more active way. No, the only way to actually deal with the problem is to directly work with the energy flow of the world and fix it, rooting the evil from the earth and returning the sanctity of the house. That, of course, a delicate process which requires days, months or even years of work and investigation, of learning about the place's history and occult energies and how to work them in order to cleanse the taint from the world, once and for all.

    This world is fucked up- but it can be fixed. The House is corrupted, but it can be holy again. All you have to do, is to ignore the little terrors of the night, and fight against the true enemy- the world itself. Sure, it won't be easy, and many lives will be lost- but that's the only war worthy to fight war.

    For that's the only war, where you could actually win.

    0- You have joined the local House and took an oath to clean the corruption of the world. As a part of your training, you gain Occult [Ley Lines] specialty.
    000- You have fought against bleeding walls and screaming statues and held your ground. As such, you have started to develop an affinity for accursed places and the places where reality shatters. You gain the Unseen Senses [Tainted Places].
    00000- You are the leader of your House, leading the war against the world and create a network of sacred places- one which would one day cover the whole world and erase the darkness for all eternity. You gain Staff for 5 dots.

    Endowment- Cleansing Rites (0-00000)

    The specialty of the Domus is their ability to root evil out of a place and remove it from existence. A product of years of research, investigation and few experiments which went terribly wrong, the Domus has managed to develop a way to directly fight against the corruption of the world in the form of the Cleansing Rites- a system which allows the hunters to bring light into the darkness and turn taint into holy.

    Cleansing Rites is presented as a 1-5 dots merit, available only to the members of the Domus. Using the Rites always requires a certain form of religious imagery, even though the exact details or the level of faith of the hunter in question do not seem to be important. From a christian who invokes the saints to their help or a jew who calls Shema Yisrael to a Mambo which calls upon Ghede or Shinto priest which calls upon the kami of the place or even an atheist which use the names of forgotten gods, as long as the right names are being called and the right symbols are used, the rites seems to work. That, of course, has created a lot of discussion inside the compact about how exactly those rituals work- the official claim is that those rituals were apparently the ones used to sanctify temples and shrines to the gods in ages past, known only for the highest of the ancient priests of all religions, but many Houses hold their own faiths about the subject, ranging from invoking the collective mind of mankind to a gift by aliens or that the rites are some code to the computer which simulate our reality. Again, the truth on the subject doesn't seem to matter- the point is, that they work, and work well.

    By having even only one dot in the Cleansing Rites, the hunter could interact with a Tainted (or Sentient) place as if it was an Ephemeral Being, allowing them to Exorcise, Ward against, Abjure or Bind it, as detailed in the CofD core book. Work with the ST to design which "bans" and "banes" would seem to be appropriate for the place in question. While preforming the Endowment, add to any roll done in its service a modifier equal to the Endowment's rating. In case the hunter actually has faith in their own rite, gain +1 modifier. In case a major ritual is preformed as a part of the Endowment (such as gathering 10 jewish people to complete a Minyan or feasting the whole night in prayers to a saint), gain +2 modifier. If other hunters who help as teamwork use the same religious system as you are, gain a modifier which correspond to the number of people- +1 for one person, +2 for five and +3 for 10. Any power, modifier or merit which usually interacts with such system (such as Esoteric Armory) is also valid fro Cleansing Rites. In case a Warding/Binding, the area in which the taint takes place could be limited in range. Abjuration would suppress the taint for a number of days equal half of half of the Endowment's rating. Only exorcism, however, could permanently remove the taint.

    The dirty truth, however, that the just as the rites allow to cleanse, they could also allow to corrupt. Summoning could also be preformed in order to create a Tainted place, or make a Sentient place out of Tainted one. Such attempts suffer from a -2 modifier for Tainted and -3 for Sentient, but also gain a +2 modifier if they are used in place which already have a strong resonance with corruption (such as murder sites, Nests or territories where monsters usually meet). Some in the House whisper that it may be possible to use Summoning for a better use, however- that just as there are Tainted places, there could be Blessed places, which actively fight against evil in the same way that the former advance it. No successful attempts at summoning such a place are known, however, with them either outright failing, or forming taint instead, making the compact to strongly discourage such experiments.

    Keepers of the Source: "They are on the right track, but their methods are wrong. You don't kill witches to save Mother Earth. You clean Mother Earth, and the witches would go away on their own"
    Les Mysteres: "One time, near a Tainted place, I've found this Newager who has started to scream at me that we "harm the sacred places" and that we "offend the gods". While we tried to explain her that that's exactly the opposite of what we do, it looked like she had tricks of her own on her sleeves. We had to knock her out in order to do the job. I don't like to harm people- but we would cause a greater harm if we were to listen to her"
    Utopia Now: "You can't build a perfect world upon taint. Your "utopia" would simply can the evil inside- and eventually, it would eat it from the inside"
    Knights of St George: "I don't know what they are doing to the places they deal with- but it is not cleansing. they just remove one evil with another"

    "Your home is no longer. It was overtaken, eaten by taint. It is a demon now- but don't worry. I'm here to save your home's soul"

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    Another winner!


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      Werewolves usually get a little miffed when someone tries to change the resonance of their territories, not to mention their locus, right?


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        Tainted and Sentient are from the recent Hunter 2E post, right?

        And man, this compact is going to get a lot of attention from all sorts of supernaturals. And not just from solitary monsters who don’t welcome unwanted remodelling of their Nests - werewolves like Raistlin said, mages for the same reason as werewolves, vampires of the Ordo Dracul, mummies and their cults, Sin-Eaters, both the Unchained and angels, Beasts...

        MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


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          Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
          Tainted and Sentient are from the recent Hunter 2E post, right?

          And man, this compact is going to get a lot of attention from all sorts of supernaturals. And not just from solitary monsters who don’t welcome unwanted remodelling of their Nests - werewolves like Raistlin said, mages for the same reason as werewolves, vampires of the Ordo Dracul, mummies and their cults, Sin-Eaters, both the Unchained and angels, Beasts...
          All to support their claims that Tainted places are the literal source of all evil, which summon monsters to protect them

          And yes, this was all inspired by the last Hunter 2e preview

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          "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

          I now blog in here