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    Originally posted by LostLight View Post
    That is if you treat humans, and hunters, as rational people, who judge something purely by how beneficial it is to them, and have no twisted ideas for moral. I can clearly see why someone would claim that murdering witches for power is bad, but eating her would be worse, and as such it is better to have less stable power in exchange for not falling "too far" on the moral scale. It is not rational, it does not make sense on the paper- but humans do have the tendency to act irrationally in such cases. Eating monsters for power needs a certain type for personality, one which is different than just killing them in an occult ceremony.
    Which is why I think the Brotherhood needs an expansion. Because as it is, they're doing something that guarantees a Breaking Point, at much risk to themselves, for much less gain. And the Faithful are doing something that does not guarantee a Breaking Point, has no risk of failure, and offers permanent gains. Because even the squeamish hunter who is fine sacrificing a living humanoid but not eating them can find a cow-monster or keep going farther away from humanity until it satisfies their dietary requirements.

    Just because people act irrationally doesn't mean there should be an entire compact based around the idea, especially when there's other groups that do the same thing, but demonstrably better.


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      The Brotherhood can still be homicidally selfish human sacrificers IC without their Rite being inefficient OOC, I imagine.

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        21C hermit agreed. One thing I like about them is that they really are just a compact of jealous bastards


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          Also, killing monsters (meaning, people with Dread Powers) is much lesser of a Breaking Point (if at all?) in the new edition

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            You could probably buff the Right of Hecate to a full-on Endowment, increase the duration and giving them help to cross the most annoying hurdle of mage hunting (the memory thing). The main difference between the Brotherhood and the Faithful is that the Brotherhood was a Compact while the Faithful was a conspiracy, it was weaker by design the same way a Union member isn't going to be as powerful as a well-kitted TFV or Mal Mal member.

            The Code brings Hunters back into an old-style hierarchy of sins thing. First time kills are at 6-4, the same level as killing a person. Gaining or bestowing a power from an obviously monstrous source is a 1-3 sin, unless that code-change thing is done. According to the old playtest, at least.


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              Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
              A “when they go bad” part for each group sounds nice. Especially in light of how hunters can become slashers on their Vigil. (Or did I miss existing ones?)
              And a "Which monster is most likely to suborn them" part.


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                IMO, the bear lodge could do with much more fleshing out. Their lore is very skin deep as of now, and their gameplay against werewolves could do with a bigger buff and tactics


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                  I will always support more development of the Ahl al-Jabal, but I'm highly biased since my partner is an Ismaili Muslim. The stuff that we have so far is amazingly well done, if the author wasn't Ismaili, they defintely knew the community. I'm just greedy and want more of it.

                  I'd like to see Utopia Now get some love. They aren't the nicest of Hunters, but they have a really neat premise.

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                    Sorry i was gone for something

                    Second Chances, I agree with the al la jabal, considering they could have pretty cool abilities and philosophy. As for utopia now, it would be cool to see just exactly what they are capable of making with the infrastructure and demon parts


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                      Hmmmn some anti Alchemists Created by promethean meddling to try keeping pilgrims relatively safe?

                      whats the major difference between compact and conspiracy? Endowments?
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