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    What's the point of these guys? Like In story potential I mean, they can't fight, mostly stone themselves into spiritual highs, and don't really have much fleshed out about them (which granted will change with 2nd edition).

    So can anyone convince me to believe they really can be interesting to have a chronicle about? And also, any homebrews to give them more variation to the other compacts

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    They are kinda the poor-man's Ascending Ones (common drugs instead of alchemical elixirs, taking drugs instead of selling them). I've used them once, and I gave them a Quasi-Endowment (some if their drug combos really do have some spiritual impact). Mostly I used them as shorthand for pity ("woe is this Hunter, riddled with addiction, but still trying to uphold the Vigil").

    Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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      Originally posted by Primordial newcomer View Post
      don't really have much fleshed out about them (which granted will change with 2nd edition).
      It will? I know they'll be mentioned, because every group is being mentioned, but I didn't know there'd be anything added.

      So can anyone convince me to believe they really can be interesting to have a chronicle about? And also, any homebrews to give them more variation to the other compacts
      Anyway. No, not really. It could be said they belong to the stratum of hunter like Ashwood Abbey and Null Mysteriis, where the emphasis isn't so much on fighting the supernatural as experiencing it. Like any hunter, they've seen to the truth to an extent that they can no longer look away - they take what for most people is a route to oblivion, and hope it provides them insight - whether there's anything to be gained from that? You could say their highs allows their perceptions to reach Twilight or pick up on Resonance - or make their minds slippery enough that spirits find it harder to impose their influence.

      Why do they do it? Because they've glimpsed currents of emotion and ideation behind the world, and want to see more of it. When they do, and see how harmful spirits can be, what then? Do they break under their addiction and revel in the experience, or serve it, or fight it, or try to take advantage of it, or be enslaved by it (or by more savvy hunters or supernaturals)? It might be worth treating them as a new - like, really new - compact whose character isn't yet established, and is still ripe for shaping by the PC's.
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        My bad sunless Nick. I just kinda assumed they would be fleshed out a slight bit more.

        Ehh, i just have trouble really finding a way to have these guys be interesting without things specific to them, like the money of the abbey that allows easy buying of pure silver, or the flexibility and teamwork of the union. To be honest this is kind of a problem with all the supplement compacts, such as the reckoning.
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          It's up to you if you can be convinced to believe they'll be interesting.

          You're dealing with Compacts. This is an organization with some methodology but no endowments. So you're already on that foot, you're not taking drugs for superpowers except in the way you can use mundane things. It's great for characters who are either heavy drug users, or who have had a mind-blowing experience on drugs, or for stories that are going to really play with the mind and senses or illusion. The idea of drugs as pathway to illumination and greater understanding of the universe didn't exactly start in Spirit Slayers.

          A recent story I read comes to mind. A comic called Imaginary Fiends. The idea is that some kids have imaginary friends that are real, and sometimes they cling to these people as they get older, and can help out these people, or torment them. So right there you have a plot that's easy to translate over to Chronicles. They can be warped ghosts, spirits, Goetia, even something more surreal. One of the primary characters is an FBI agent whose partner was torn apart in front of him by an imaginary creature he could not see. As someone who prides themselves on their perception, they become driven to be able to perceive these things, and begin a routine of drugs including PCP and other methods in an attempt to make this possible. This is not a character concept you have to make an entire plot around to make viable, it can simply be a driving force for a character as part of their background.

          And while it's easy to go the 'mad drug addict' way you can have more sensible people who are concerned with the other worlds and their impact and intrusion on ours. There are unfriendly things out there, and while slashers can be dismissed as a problem of humanity (and for the police) to a hunter who has encountered the mind of another world as it's breached ours there may be higher cause than to keep it out.


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            The major thing seems to be the support network, outside of Status, their major benefit is their knowledge. I mean, the drug trips do in fact work, and I guess anyone could use them, the difference is that the IB have a network to swap information and as a result they actually know some stuff. An Abbey member may well use PCP or whatever but it's not in a systemic manner, and there's no context for what occurs.