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Dread Power with Experience Points - for player use

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  • Dread Power with Experience Points - for player use


    In Hunter the vigil corebook, there is a optional rule to conceed dread powers for player's use. This sugest expend Dot rating x6.

    My question is: this point should be spend 1 dot by 1 or could be possible to acquire directly the Dot rating that the player wishes?

    For example, the First situation, the total experience to 1 to 3 dots in a dread Power, It costs 36 points (6 for the First, 12 to Second and 18 for the third).

    The second method, it costs 18 experience points (6x 3 dot rating).

    The problem is some dread Powers, the difference between 1 to 5 is only dice bonus. So the 1 by 1 method I see very expensive. But if you allow by directly the last point, there is a advantage in creating of new characters with initial experience points.

  • Ruger
    Yeah, that was always a problem with 1E, with dot costs exponentially increasing outside of character creation.

    2E/ God Machine Chronicles/ fixes this by making everything have a single non-increasing cost. Under the rules as written, it would be the first (since you have to buy the first tier first, then the second tier, then the third) as with normal progression. Under 2E rules, you could just charge the cost to 5/dot straight up (Ex 5 for the first, 5 for the second, 5 for the third), since that is still 1 more than Attributes like the old version. Some Conspiracies have the power to steal Dread Powers too, you could always use those rules if you want it to be cheaper while having an IC excuse to do so.

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