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Halloween 1shot (Hunting demons)

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  • Halloween 1shot (Hunting demons)

    I'm planning to run a halloween oneshot (I have 6+ hours, so I can make it fairly long) in which the hunters (probably Knights of St. Adrian) form a cell and hunt down a Demon (or die trying hehe).
    The point is, one of the player wants to play a demon-blooded. While I would be fine with a stigmatic (since they're working close to the God-Machine, the probability of them receiving the stigma is very high), a demon blooded (especially a Fractal) could be a bit overpowered in respect to the other PCs.
    Should I allow it?

    My English sucks. Sorry.

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    I agree that a fractal may be a bit much. A Offspring would be more reasonable though, especially if that means they don't have the Endowment the others do.


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