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Merrick institute (road trip in general) tips?

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  • Merrick institute (road trip in general) tips?

    Is there anyone that has done hunter chronicles that involves being on the road (and on the run). I would like to have some tips since my group is playing as a group of firebrand merrick hunters and our storyteller really wants to try a traveling chronicle

  • Primordial newcomer
    That pretty good stuff Vent0

    On the police tip, by the sounds of it we are gonna have to be very discreet, what would be something to do if we get caught?

    And on the merrick hunters getting hunted down by the original institute, do you think that, since my group will be the firebrand sub faction, we may have minor antagonist in the form of reformers

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  • Vent0
    • Unless you are part of a Compact, Conspiracy, or have lots of Allies, you aren't going to have Safe Places (safe houses) on the move.
    • You are going to be strangers everywhere. Most places, that will stand out.
    • You are only going to have that which you can travel with (barring Allies, above)
      • If you are stopped by police or customs, you need a well hidden spot or some amazing persuasive skills to explain your eclectic arsenal.
    • Money will be precious - you probably won't have jobs you are holding down with all that travelling, and food and fuel add up.
    • NPCs aren't likely to need or have much depth - since you are travelling all the time and they aren't, you can toss them after you leave town, unless you've got good reason.
      • On that note, don't bother on full write-ups. Use a variation of the Brief Nightmare rules to give them Best At, Worst At, and Aspirations.
    • For Merrick, they mostly hunt things in their sleep, right? So an RV or trailer for the equipment may be necessary.
    • Also, the original conspiracy may be after them. You might want to consider a Chronicle "attention" track to map how close they are at being found out. Check Demon: the Descent for Cover mechanics for ideas.

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