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Hunter inspiration: 16 ways to kill a Vampire at McDonald's.

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  • Hunter inspiration: 16 ways to kill a Vampire at McDonald's.

    as the title states you play a Hunter Lucy. who wants to take a break from being Vampire bait for her friends who do most of the heavy lifting and goes to Mcdonalds. a luxury because hunting leaches isn't a job you want to get into if you want money or personal time. and as fate would befall she runs into a Vampire wanting to snake on the nice cashier. now you most find away to get the Vampire away from the cute Cashir and preferably kill it. . the whole game comes to play like a one shot tier one Hunter game. here's a link16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds - Abigail

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    Oh hey, I remember this from IFComp 2016! Not something I expected to see on these forums…


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      So do you want to discuss it?


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        Man how am I supposed to get that old woman's help? Even when I'm 100% sure I filled in the right blanks for her scripture, I still don't get her to cooperate. Easily the most frustrating part of this text adventure.

        Other than that, it's alright I suppose. I like how with each few clicks the in-game time passes and as the time passes, stuff happens. That's pretty dope and unique for a choose-your-own text adventure.


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          I got her to corporate you must have not got the words right.