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    I would like to note the strange semblances between the Machine Cult of Mars and COD's God-Machine. The Mechanicus worship a God of Machines and seek the Machine's Perfection. The God-Machine seeks something, what it is, I don't know. Is there a Compact of God-Machine Worshippers who Hunt to Keep their God's Infrastructure safe? Demons and Various Hunter groups would of course be on their hitlist of stab-stab. Now imagine this: somewhere in the irradiated forests of Cherynobyl, Ukraine there is a great Cathedral that has been abandoned by it's Orthodox creators, but a strange cult wearing red robes have taken it over. This once great Edifice of Faith has been, some would say vandalized, but to it's new caretakers, it has been Sanctified by pieces of cast-off Infrastructure that have been collected from their Vigil. I thinking such a Compact would focus on building their own Infrastructure to honor their God as well as defending Infrastructure they have identified and maybe even turning their more senior members into Infrastructured-based cyborgs (Mechanicus Flavoring). So what do you think of this idea, guys and gals.

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    The God-Machine Protects, citizen ! And if anyone says otherwise.....EXTERMINATUS !

    They might have some connection to how the Zeka and Unfleshed Promethean Lineages are created. You could repurpose the augmentations from Deux Ex to populate the ranks.

    Expendible mooks become MIB, spies get augmentations akin to JC Denton, warriors look like Anne Navarro, Gunther Hermann and Adam Jensen.

    The highest tier members become Omar, complete with the frontal lobe replacement to connect them to the hive mind.

    Improperly initiated cells would look like the Church of the Machine God.

    The best churches would have their own Hyron Project, which naturally Angels would ship from specialised holy assembly line facilities, where the Adeptus Mechanicus would pull all the stops to keep the faithful well equipped.
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