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    I noticed the Lucifuge and their infernal heritage are a thing here in Hunter, but I was wondering has anyone done a Fae-blooded Compact yet? I am seriously considering the idea of actually making one as I find the idea of Faeblooded (or Fae-touched) Hunters and Changelings working together to hunt common enemies kinda like the Rohirrim and Elves did at Helm's Deep in the Two Towers. (I always felt moved by that scene when the Elves of Lorien come marching up to assist King Theoden and his people in their hour of need.) Well on that note, I was thinking about some kind of small Compact that is disguised as some kind of Archery Association or maybe a Bowhunting Enthusiast Club that spans these States. I don't what their Compact Endowment is going be like though. Maybe they have developed some kind of special poisons that can only be made using Gobbo-fruits or maybe they gain power from some kind of Pledge Stone? I dunno. I am still trying brainstorm this idea further.

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    It's been popular as an attempt, but hell if anyone has quite hit that formula for a hit fan group.

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      Actually my attempt might be out of sync with the COD's sense of grimness, but even the Fallen World can use a bit of fellowship if you catch my meaning. The little candlelights of the Vigil are bound in a myriad of ways, but I believe under the right circumstances the self described guardians of mankind's camp will allow the permanently injured and damaged into the camp to rest and even act as scouts. Now dealing with the Lost is always a tricky affair, but Hunters can be a clever lot if they simply try. As for the Changelings, they always a little Mad anyways and are capable of throwing uncertainty and paranoia out the window especially if there is a trustworthy party helping to unify the disparate factions.

      Speaking of trustworthy parties, I want to introduce the idea of SoulCore: the engram-matic crystallization of human souls caused by exposure to the influence of the LOGOS. Cores come in a collection of pseudo-elemental varieties that are as follows: Brierforce (Water), Thunderange (Earth), Zephyrkin (Air), Redwave (Fire), HalcyonDay (Light), and finally NetherAura (Night). They are furthermore tied to the Phenomenal World's Sum Total of Time and Space, the Phase. I assume that the physical world has it's own existential frequency and what we see is that frequency, but there are other frequencies that exist within all extant reality, so in effect: one Universe, many Realms. Mind you these Phase Layers are not inherently supernatural like the Shadow or Umbra, albeit the Phenomenal World and the Phase were supernaturally created. Cores can generate their own Interstitial Terrain based on their Size and can control that space to a degree.

      This is the Secret of the Compact I am trying to develop, it is Secret as to protect the Hunters and Changelings under the protection of the Core known as Brierforce BlueMarine. He was originally the Core of one Reyvius Toustavrou, a Greek-American who founded the Compact to protect the Lost and his family from the predations of vile mages and the Fae who are "True" Usurpers. Since BlueMarine is now 115 years old, his mass is the size of the Battleship Oklahoma. Being water element, he is able to provide his charges with shards of himself to be fashioned into simple hunting implements like spears, bows and arrows, daggers, and even modern-style bullets. This is the Compact's Endowment I have yet to name, blast it. I encourage anyone and everyone to make a suggestion about the Endowment's name. I'll be naming the Compact myself.