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    Hey, I've been googling about this but found nothing so far...
    I'm playing a CoD games with a only humans group and we've been hunting vampires and getting our asses kicked mostly. So, though the Hunter book isn't around yet, I've been reading the core book hoping to find some edge.
    At first I thought I found something in the equipment part, where it talks about fixing and upgrading equipments. I thought I could make a gun with +5 dice in the roll from equipment bonus, but maybe it is just too broken? And that part is really really vague.
    What do you guys think? Is there any errata detailing the equipment upgrade? Or even author commentary?

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    Yeah, it is really vague, but I'm pretty sure the intention is that you're still beholden to natural limitations. You can modify a gun to have a higher damage rating, but only by doing something that's feasible. Perhaps you're reinforcing the frame and adjusting the mechanism to allow for rounds with a higher gunpowder load, increasing the velocity and kinetic force when firing with such rounds. That's a +1. If you want to add additional modifications you'll have to come up with something else. Personally, though, I would limit weapons specifically to only be able to receive +1 to their damage ratings. You can't just slap on new stuff until you've maxed the damage rating or such weapons would already be commercially available.

    Edit: If you're talking about building guns from scratch, you'll have to base it on one of the given guns in the firearms table. See the example in the text where a character builds something modelled after the chain (+1L melee weapon).
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