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Contagion Chronicle and Hunter 2nd

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  • Contagion Chronicle and Hunter 2nd

    If the Contagion Chronicle is a crossover of all the game lines, and it is coming out soon, would it stand to reason HtV 2nd is going to be released right after?

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    Not necessarily. Hunter 2e is in the pipes and is likely to get Kickstarted soon, but that is a fact independent of Contagion. Mummy 2e (for example) is also waiting for a Second Edition, but is still in Redlines so it will likely be a good while before it gets released.

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      Short answer; "When it's ready"

      Longer answer: In terms of major CofD projects with a KS? Yes, it seems very likely that HtV2e would be the next one. When that KS comes out though is uncertain.


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        I have noticed that it could changed the dynamic in hunter, the Sworn are in a sense metahunter organizations, with hunters being among the easiest of recruits (very compatible goals and it's gives more access to magic to hunters and so on).