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Does Hunter need to be an independent line?

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    Thanks for the great responses, I want to clarify that I ment no disrespect to the hunter line with my proposal and realise that Onyx Path is unlikely to deviate from their current method for one line given that this is how they've chosen to do 2e.
    ArcaneArts it's been great having an inside prospective on this, thank you for participating.


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      Originally posted by LostLight View Post
      Care to expand?
      When I've got the time to(God I keep saying that).

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        Hunter has always been an odd duck among the main splats because of its position in the larger world. When I run a Vampire game, the existence and nature of mages is only as relevant as I and my players make it to be. Do they exist? Are they Awakened or some kind of witches? Or maybe both? Unless I consciously decide to make it an issue, or one of my players does (like via a backstory involving one), it doesn't matter. But hunters are mortal, and mortals are always going to be around and wind up on the bad side of supernatural activities.


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          However much Hunter did or didn’t deserve its own cover color before it’s pretty clear it’s being made to deserve it now. Blue Core very firmly plays on the occult detective and classic supernatural horror genres which are very much not what Hunter is even before accounting for Hunter getting the same refocus-and-flesh-out-the-themes treatment as the other second editions.