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Do you hunt full splat or generics?

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  • Do you hunt full splat or generics?

    I was recently having a brainstorm with players, and we were discussing the quality of foes. Full splat creatures (vamps in our case) or generic multi dread powered vamps? Full splat powers reduce your defense against most powers to a single resistance pool vs dread powers for hunter are often two resistance traits, increasing survivability it feels. Do you have a preference or have experimented with both? I often have used the main splats as a guide and then modified with dread powers. But I end up using so many modified dread powers I feel like I am recreating the wheel so to speak.

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    I know the full splats well enough that I tend to do both, but it depends on what I'm doing. If I know one of the splats does what I want pretty on point, I'll just use that. If I'd need to muck around enough with a full splat that it'd be just as much work to build with Dread Powers.... well I'll do that.


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      I use full splats if and only if the monsters are going to be PCs. Otherwise I take the basic ideas from the core splats but handwave and rewrite and homebrew freely, with liberal use of Horror rules. What makes for a fun Vampire game doesn't always make for a fun Hunter game, after all.


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        I kind of just go after whatever I feel like for/in a session.

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          I started with using full splat stuff, but I think from now on I'll use the Dread Power horror's due to the sheer flexibility I'll have when creating a foe. If I want my vampire to be your classic Dracula-esque guy, then bam I can just give him some dread powers and be good to go. If I need a fresh, rotting corpse that rose from the grave to drink the blood of the living, then dread powers are easy to find. If I feel like not dealing with werewolf spirit shenanigans, but I still want someone to beef up and turn into a werewolf at the sight of a full moon, then I'm still covered.

          I think it's also good for a surprise factor, because if your players know the splats well enough then you can hit them from the side with a custom horror.


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            I've used both in Hunter games in the past. Though admittedly, all my experience with Hunter is in 1E pre-Dread Powers in the CoD corebook.

            The Hunter 1E version where pretty good though, a little convoluted in places, but I think 2E core did a good job of cutting any "fat" of the present Dread Powers.

            Anyway, I found that I ended "building" a lot of monsters as hybrids between the other core lines mechanics and the Dread Powers in Hunter. Since I was playing some years ago I only had Vamps, Werewolves, Mages and Changelings. Geists where a thing, but they were super rare and there were only about two of them in the campaign area. Prometheans where about the same.

            As I built up the different supernatural communities I decided how I wanted to present them and this informed how much I ported over from the other game lines.

            I enjoyed the default ideas for Vamps in Requiem, so my games vampires where just straight up Kindred. I treated Mages basically the same way, but I had a lot of "lesser" magic users (hedge magicians and Demon Pacted Sorcerers) using the rules from Witch Finders, Second Sight and Hunter corebook.

            Changeling likewise basically got the same treatment as Vamps mechanically, but I completely rewrote their fluff and focus to fit better with the games Hunter focused tone.

            Meanwhile, since I had no great attachment to the Forsaken my Werewolves where a bit of a mash-up, using both Gifts and Dread Powers. Finally, my Prometheans where completely Dread Power based. In retrospect, I had an NPC who was a Purified using the old WoD Immortals rules, who if I ran that game today would have been a Mummy.

            These days, if/when I run Hunter again I'll be using almost entirely Dread Powers. Partially because I don't know the 2E of most of the game lines that well and don't want to learn them just to run Hunter. Partially because I want to create more original and unique monsters to surprise my players, who are all veterans of other CoD games from 1E days.

            Really, part of making a monster a bit scary for players rather then characters is keeping what they can do a secret. So, in an attempt to retain a bit of horror tone in Hunter I'd like to keep them guessing about these unique adversaries, rather then them thinking "oh, the ST's given it X".

            All that being said, I am interested in seeing how Dark Era's 2 treats the Bron Vampire Bloodline, who were one of my two favourite bloodlines from the 1E days. So I might end up making one Vampire NPC with the 2E Requiem rules (which is the only 2E I've actually read except for core CoD) if I like what I see. At current though, that's a rough character concept.

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              My biggest issue is using splat powers vs dread powers. The hypnotism dread power allows a hunter to use wits + resolve to contest (pretty sure that's right) compared to Dominate which is composure + potency. For survivability sake I like dread powers better, but the splat powers make it super deadly in a hunter game.


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                At least in 2e, Dread Powers are contested with single Attributes. So the Hypnotic Gaze power is contested with just Composure. So there isn't a big difference there.


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                  Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
                  I know the full splats well enough that I tend to do both, but it depends on what I'm doing. If I know one of the splats does what I want pretty on point, I'll just use that. If I'd need to muck around enough with a full splat that it'd be just as much work to build with Dread Powers.... well I'll do that.
                  I'm with this, though there's a bunch of splats I don't know very well so I won't run them fully from the book. This has mostly occurred with Pandorans and Unchained.