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Theme Music for PCs?

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  • Theme Music for PCs?

    It is an awesome thing or is it an obnoxious idea? I personally like the idea of making a character and associating that character with a particular song to enliven that PC with a sense of emotional representation that may not be present with words (written or spoken) alone. What is your opinion on this matter? I would like to know.

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    I used to award xp to players between character creation and the third session if they created a character soundtrack. Mage uses songs in its character/chronicle building. Music is a valid way to get players into an understanding of their characters.


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      We aren't playing in your game. Personally, I hate the idea, but if you like it, there's a fair chance your players won't.


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        If you are the player, ask your ST if you can suggest something. If you are the ST, bring up the idea with your players and source the songs from them. If you get no feedback, they obviously do not care for it, so you should not worry about it.

        I generally like the idea, but this should really just be something decided by the group.

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          One of my groups talks extensively between sessions about character playlists and their symbolism and new discoveries for them. One of my groups threatened me with bodily harm if I tried to play music mid session again.

          That said, I wouldn't give anyone a particular theme and play it too much during sessions. Light touch is key.