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Mechanism for a hunter group on stand-by

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  • Mechanism for a hunter group on stand-by

    The PC is a Hunter in the conspiracy Ascending Ones. The char is of Arabic origin. During a campaign the PC finds some "brothers" that are on the Vigil, too. Now, the PC agrees with his "brothers" that they help him from time to time. The GM finds it great, but needs more then a simple mechanism like Merits Allies, Staff, Retainer or the use of Status/Resources. Theoretically, The PC could "buy" the service of the group for Resources or using Status (this is unwanted). Also, the GM needs a mechanism for solving conflicts. For example, when the PC sends the group to destroy a vamp den how likely will the group succeed. How can be this solved? What Merit should the PC buy? Ally does not state the power of the group. Retainer is only one person. Staff just provides one successes in one skill. Status/Resources just "buy/order" services.

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    How about Mentor?

    But honestly I'd make them a plot tool for the ST rather than a merit on the sheet. They provide plot hooks, they provide backup if and when it enhances the story, etc. No need to give them PC-level powers.


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      I don't think I really understand the first part of your question^^. I'm confused because you say the GM doesn't want to implement it via Merits like Allies, Staff, Retainer etc. but then you ask which Merit to buy? Clarification there would help.
      So trying to help anyway for now. Which Merit to buy can be tricky for things that came through roleplay, it's usually best not to overthink it. If it's about “balance”, a dot in one thing costs as much as a dot in the other thing so doesn't matter so much. If its about roleplay/story etc. what word stands on your character sheet to express that doesn't really matter in the end.

      As for conflict resolution of screen, things can be quiet simple. Just assign a relative power level from 1(awful) to 5(best) to the group and do the same for targets. Then do a contested roll. The power level being the respective dice pools.

      Edit: Also what Draconis said.