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Help With 'One-Armed Samurai' Archetype (Fallen Blossoms)

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  • Help With 'One-Armed Samurai' Archetype (Fallen Blossoms)

    So, the other day, I ran a one-shot for Fallen Blossoms (the feudal Japan setting for Dark Eras), and encountered a problem. You see, one of my players is kind of a tricky SOB, and he came up with a 'one-armed samurai' character. Essentially, he put in all of his points into having a character that had one uber strong quick draw attack. Originally I just tried to accommodate the best I could, and indeed my players told me they had fun, but internally I was a bit defeated. Really, since they made their characters on the day of the adventure, I had no idea how to prepare for such a crazy Merit, and I was probably more confused than my player.

    But hey, now I'm here and bringing it to the floor.

    How would you guys stat this Merit out? How do you guys handle players bringing you things you aren't prepared for?

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    I'd probably take Hekireki from the Hidden Devotions in Secrets of the Covenants and re-adapt that to Hunter mentality. Most people aren't aware of those, so quickly:

    Hekireki - 霹靂
    (Celerity •, Vigor •)
    This blend of supernatural speed and strength has your character put everything into a single, perfect strike. However, first she must remain calm, focusing and allowing her blood to channel and pool in preparation. It's alternatively referred to as 羽の飛翔, "hane no hisho," or "the feather's flight."
    Cost: 1 Willpower; Special
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Instant
    To activate Hekireki, your character must take a full instant action and spend a single Willpower point. She cannot use Vitae during this turn for any purpose. Then, in following turns she can spend any number of Vitae, up to her normal per-turn limit dictated by her Blood Potency. During these turns, she may do nothing but defend herself. She can use her Defense, but may not Dodge. She may use Vitae for Celerity during this time, but it does not add to the total used on the Devotion. Once ready, she takes one single strike. This strike may be unarmed or with a Weaponry-based strike. Each Vitae spent adds +2 to the dice pool. While the initial Willpower point does not add to this dice pool, she may spend an additional Willpower for the normal benefits. Her Celerity adds to her dice pool as well. On a successful strike, her Vigor is added as weapon damage, and the strike causes lethal damage even if it would not normally (this includes Kindred victims). For every Vitae spent on the Devotion, your character suffers a single bashing damage from the strain to her body.
    For example, a Blood Potency ••, Vigor •••, Celerity •• character using Hekireki could spend 2 Vitae on the turn after she activates the Devotion, 2 more the third turn, 2 more the fourth, then on the fifth turn her she could spend 2 more Vitae, one additional Willpower, and her attack would be made at +21 (+16 from the Vitae, +2 from Celerity, +3 for Willpower), and a successful attack would cause three additional lethal damage from Vigor. After the attack, she'd take 8 bashing damage.
    This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.
    Note: The rough translation of this Devotion's common name is "Thunderclap". However, the New York Movement adopted the name given to them by the Tokyo Kindred.
    Usually, I handle things I'm not prepared for by taking a break, creating a stand in if I need it for the night (and clarifying that it IS a stand in, and not the final product), checking through all the resources I have and asking people on the forums if they need any more, tweak and work until I'm satisfied, and then come back with it.

    The main thing is that if I can't solve in a few seconds, I either find a way to put it on the side until I have time to work on it or request a small break to work out functional-enough answers to go onward.

    Sean K.I.W./Kelly R.A. Steele, Freelance Writer(Feel free to call me Sean, Kelly, Arcane, or Arc)
    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.-Keiichi Sigsawa, Kino's Journey
    Feminine pronouns, please.


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      ArcaneArts Yeah, I hadn't heard of this Devotion, but adapted to Hunter, it looks perfect for what I was dealing with. Thanks!

      Also, thank you for the great advice! It's always great to get more player tips.


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        Even among the merits available in the core book Light Weapons 2 (Thrust) is surprisingly powerful if you're trying to build a one shot monster. It's not terribly difficult to get even a low exp mortal to defense 8 and an equal or greater attack pool. It requires sacrificing your own defense but 16+ dice should be enough to overcome an opponent's defense and specified target penalties.

        Beyond that there are some styles that enhance all out attacks, but I don't know how much exp you're working with here