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New Conspiracy- Sons of Ymir (Strains of the Cursed Blood- Scandinavia)

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  • New Conspiracy- Sons of Ymir (Strains of the Cursed Blood- Scandinavia)

    Inspired by LostLight's Strains of the Cursed Blood project, here is my contribution to the children of Hell (Or Hel, if you'd like)

    Sons of Ymir [Myth Breakers

    Warriors of a dead god, children of monsters long thought extinct, the Sons of Ymir have had a long, storied history. They originated in Scandinavia, serving as shamans and thanes to the Vikings. According to legend, they are born from the drops of Ymir’s blood that fell when Odin and his brothers killed the primordial giant, seeping into his dead body, now the earth, and tainting humans with the Jotun’s power. The Jotnarborn, as they call themselves, struggle with the bestial rage of their ancestor, but are blessed with power from their dead lineage as well.

    In ancient times, they served the community but were always outsiders, trusted as shield-mates to great heroes, but never the objects of stories themselves. However, this suited the Jotnar, as they did their best work in the shadows, hunting draugr and other monsters of the night, turning their gifts to hunting the abominable monsters that hid in the shadows. With the coming of Christianity to their homelands, the Sons adapted, swearing fealty to the church by day, but fulfilling their ancient duties by night. For centuries the Sons stayed in Scandinavia, but the discovery of the new world by Europeans led to the Sons hearing of similar stories of giants in the Americas, and, wondering if perhaps they had kin in the Americas, the Jotnar began to disperse throughout the world, hunting monsters and starting families.

    Over the centuries, a formal system of assistance, lore keeping, and traveling aid developed between the different sects of the Sons, which came to be known as the Web of Frost. The Web of Frost allowed a great deal of information to be passed between the disparate families, who in 1750 came together to formally re-form the Sons of Ymir, headed by the Althanes, the heads of the great families. They sent their sons out into the world, tracking down lost cousins and gathering lore, and consolidating power into a global lodge of monster-fighters. They focused their efforts on the beasts calling themselves The Begotten, whose giants proved formidable foes for the Jotnar. The biggest issue, however, for the Jotnar, was piercing the potent glamours that hide the true forms of their cousins.

    They eventually became aware, however, of others moving in the night, others who claimed descent from monsters. The Lucifuge, as they called themselves, disgusted the Jotnar, seeing their divine gifts as a curse, although most of the Sons respected that they at least attempted to use their gifts constructively. The Lucifuge’s Christian view also rubbed the Sons the wrong way, and many meetings between the two groups agents resulted in angry words and blows being struck. For decades the two conspiracies fought a shadow war, constantly fighting over theology and politics, with the Sons decidedly on the back foot, as their cavalier attitudes often lead to high casualty rates during hunts. In 2000, a disastrous fight between agents of the two groups in Mexico lead to an earthquake that killed hundreds, while the giant responsible escaped into the night. The Lady Lucifuge and the Althanes were forced to come into agreement on a cease-fire, although neither group of hunters trusts the other fully. However, their priority is preventing such further catastrophes in the future.
    For the pride of giants flows through the veins of the Jotnar, but so does their strength, and that strength is turned towards the Vigil.

    The Sons of Ymir are divided along three lines, following ancient family allegiances that formed the original conspiracy. These days, the members of the actual families are not forced into their old roles, at least not officially, but traditions are hard to break. The “orphans” found by active agents are formally adopted into the House of their choosing upon finishing a year of brutal training, designed to draw out the latent power in their blood. Each House is lead by an Althane, with the three Althanes ruling the overall conspiracy.

    House Mimir: The House of scholars and researchers, the hunters of House Mimir serve as the skalds of the Jotnar, passing down stories of monsters their ancestors fought, and stories of how those monsters were defeated, and recording modern tales of the Sons’ heros. They also experiment with the Jotunblut, seeking to come up with new uses for their divine power.

    House Skadi: The field agents of the Sons of Ymir, House Skadi’s sons fight with both modern and ancient weaponry, searching out and destroying the rival giants of the earth. The largest house of the three, members of House Skadi are notorious for having expansive families, and training their sons and daughters personally in the art of the hunt.

    House Utgard-Loki: The political movers of the conspiracy, they also organize the global nature of the Sons of Ymir, maintaining contact between local cells and the organization as a whole, dispatching teams to aid other hunters or investigate missing cells, and providing the money that fuels the conspiracy, often by selling the services of House Skadi as mercenaries.

    0: You have completed your training among the Sons, and are counted as a full member of the organization. You may buy Jotunblut Endowments with experiences or merit points, and gain a Resources rating of one, representing the Sons’ backing.
    000: You are a noted warrior, and have killed several giants or other monsters of the night. You gain the the Safe Place merit at three dots, representing a conspiracy owned safehouse, and also your Resources rating goes up by one.
    00000: You are an experienced and vaunted member of the Sons of Ymir, and may even be considered for a successor for one of the Althanes. You gain the Inspiring merit for free, regardless of prerequisites, as the tales of your previous victories gladden the hearts of your companions. Additionally, your Resources rating goes up by one.

    Endowment: Jotunblut
    Jotunblut is a series of powers, purchased individually, that are rated 0-00000. A Jotnar may have as many Jotunblut powers as they wish, but may only have up to their Willpower rating, halved, active at any time. Additionally, when they activate a Jotunblut endowment, they must roll Resolve + Composure - the rating of the Endowment. Failing this roll means the character gains the Murderous Condition, which can be resolved by the Hunter losing consciousness.

    The Sight (Jotunblut 0)
    You can see the true forms of monsters, for the true sight of the Jotnar cannot be deceived. The character sees the Horrors of any Beasts automatically, overlayed onto the human form of the Beast. They may attempt to see through magical concealment with a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll, contested by the Manipulation + Supernatural Tolerance of the defender.

    Utgard-Loki’s Glamours (Jotunblut 0-00000)
    The Jotun were renowned sorcerers as well as monsters, and some of their descendants retain this magical skill.
    This Endowment allows access to Influence (Illusions) at a rating equal to the merit, with an effective Essence pool equal to the character’s Status in the Sons of Ymir. All Illusions require an Intelligence + Occult roll to activate, but do not need a control roll to be made.

    Jotnar’s Fangs (Jotunblut 00)
    A Jotun is never unarmed. The character’s unarmed Brawl attacks now deal +0L damage. It is a reflexive action to activate these weapons, and it triggers a control roll.

    Strength of Laufey (Jotunblut 000)
    The Jotnar calls on the primal strength of his forebears, doubling his Strength for one roll. This ability costs one willpower point.

    Forms of the Jotun (Jotunblut 000)
    Pick one animal of size 6 or smaller when this merit is taken. With an instant action and the expenditure of one Willpower point, the character may shapeshift into the chosen animal for the scene. They gain all the abilities, benefits and drawbacks of that animal’s form.

    Wisdom of Mimir (Jotunblut 000)
    Gain the rote action on any one Mental roll, as the wisdom of your ancestors fills you.

    Storms of Jotunheim (Jotunblut 0000)
    Gain the Tempest Dread Power, with a range of Presence = Yards. You activate the Dread Power by taking either three points of Lethal damage, or one Aggravated Damage, instead of using Essence

    Muspelblut (Jotunblut 0000)
    You gain access to the Fire Elemental Dread Power. This also confers the benefits of the Elemental Form Dread Power, aspected towards fire, at four dots. This power requires the expenditure of one Willpower point, and a Wits +Occult roll to activate.

    Jormungand’s Coils (Jotunblut 00000)
    With an expenditure of one Willpower point, the character gains the form of a true giant, gaining the following stat bonuses:
    Strength +3, Dexterity -2, Stamina +2, Size +4
    These stat changes do affect derived Attributes. The Endowment lasts for one scene, at which point the character returns to normal size, but keeps all of the damage they sustained during the form, which may kill them, if it exceeds their standard health levels.

    Aegis Kai Doru: “These bastards are cunning, and always want something, but their magic weapons are effective. Just don’t let them get your head after you die.”

    The Sons of Cu Chulainn: “They work a lot like how we do in hunts, and their battle prowess is respectable. They are worthy friends, and worthy foes.”

    Cheiron Group: “Kill the bastards on sight. They’ve torn up our cousins enough. Blood for blood!”

    Lucifuge: “Don’t trust the hellspawn, but honor the truce. Break it, and the Althanes themselves will come after you.”

    Vampires: “The draugr are tough, and cunning. Trust your brothers and sisters in arms, and always keep one hand on your spare knife in case one of em turns.”

    Werewolves: “Vicious hunters. Keep your distance and set their house on fire.”

    Mages: “The witches are wily. We don’t know much about them, so watch and learn where you can, and always aim for the head.”

    Beasts: “Our ancient rivals! Kill em quick and don’t ever, ever, and I mean ever, let one get away. Your family will suffer their wrath, and they have a lot of it to go around.”