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.410 Gun Cane?

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  • .410 Gun Cane?

    What would be the stats for such an esoteric weapon? Also since it is a disguised weapon would supernaturals need to roll a detection check?

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    Probably the same as a light revolver, except with less ammo. If you feel strongly about it you can add 1 damage to make it the equivalent of a heavy revolver.

    Supernaturals would need to roll to detect it as a weapon unless they had some sort of supernatural weapon detection, which some have.


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      He probably meant .410 gauge shotgun, not .41 magnum revolver. Armory had .410 gauge at 2(9 again),-10/-20/-30, -1 str, flip in capacity for the specific weapon you want (probably 1).

      Update to GMC would probably be basically the same thing as a low-caliber shotgun, 2(9 again),10/20/30 -2 str (str values are usually slightly higher. Dump it to 1 if you want). Size 2-3 depending on cane's size, init -2 or 3. I don't think there is any set rule for conversion, so mess around with the numbers however you like!

      I'm mainly a hunter guy, and can't give a blanket answer on the supernatural powers thing. You can ask at the main thread's "ask a simple question" thread or just go with whatever advantages your players (so if your players are Hunters who invested in a fairly weak hidden gun, let the hidden gun work. If your players are supernaturals who invested in weapon-finding skills, let the weapons finding skills work). If you mean without their powers then you could just treat it like normal concealed weaponry, with a +1/+2 bonus depending on how well disguised the gun is.